ITR refund: Your bank account may need revalidation due to these 6 reasons

ITR refund: Your bank account may need revalidation due to these 6 reasons

If you have not received your income tax refund, your bank account may need revalidation, according to the Income Tax Department’s website.

In any case of change in bank branch, bank account account number, IFSC code, after last validation, you need to update account details on e-filing portal and revalidate it. A validated bank account duly nominated for refund is mandatory for successful credit for refund.

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Ask these questions if you have not received refund

  • Has your bank merged with another bank?
  • Has your bank branch changed?
  • Has your bank account number changed?
  • Has Your name in Bank Account changed?
  • Has your bank account closed or become inactive?
  • Has IFSC Code of your bank account changed?

If yes, you need to update or revalidate your bank account details on e-filing portal.

Here is how to check bank account validation status for refund

To update/revalidate your bank account details
Step 1: Login to:
Step 2: Under Profile, click on ‘My bank accounts’ Click on three vertical dots
Step 3: Choose Revalidate>make required changes in data for updating details > Click on Validate button.Also read: Income tax refund: How long does it take to get it?

How to add a new bank account

Step 1: login to
Step 2: Under profile section, click on’ My bank Accounts’
Step 4: Click on ‘Add bank account’ fill the required details
Step 5: Click on ‘Validate’ button.

After some time, you can check the status of bank account Validation.

When the bank account’s status changes to Validated, don’t forget to nominate it for refund by activating the ‘Nominate for Refund’ option.

If the bank account validation fails, you can delete it by clicking on the three vertical dots on the “My bank accounts” screen.

Please note that only bank accounts linked to your PAN should be validated and nominated for refund. Income tax refunds cannot be credited to bank accounts that are not linked to a PAN.

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