ITV’s The Bill is set to return to screens in 2023

ITV’s The Bill is set to return to screens in 2023

The iconic police drama, The Bill is set to return to screens and could be as early as 2023.

As UKTV shares that a reboot is in the early stages of developing the show according to reports from The Sun

A TV insider shared: ” In the minds of many producers and execs, The Bill is a drama which is just sitting, waiting, to be rebooted.

“It’s a simple format but one which attracted a loyal army of followers who would be delighted to see it return.

Times Series: The Bill is set to return. (UKTV)The Bill is set to return. (UKTV)

“No doubt any new incarnation would be tweaked to make it attract a whole new generation to the show.”

The hit show originally aired in 1983 on ITV but after 2,425 episodes it was axed in 2010. 

It was set in the fictional town of Sun Hill and became the longest-running police procedural drama in Britain. 

The original cast members quickly became primetime celebrities, with Mark Wingett, Trudie Goodwin, and Grahan Cole all looking at being part of the reboot. 

It also launched the carries of many Hollywood stars including Keira Knightley, David Tennant, James Mcavoy, Sean Bean, and Paul O’Grady. 

Who knows maybe the new show which launches the careers of more Hollywood stars.

You can watch The Bill now on UKTV.

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