Jane Seymour wows in swimsuit at 70 | photos

Jane Seymour wows in swimsuit at 70 | photos

British actress Jane Seymour has shared a series of photos of herself soaking up the sun – stunning fans with her killer snaps at age 70.

She’s one of the most celebrated actresses of her generation, and at 70, Jane Seymour still has plenty of fans.

Seymour posted a photo to Instagram of her enjoying a boat trip earlier this week – wowing her followers with just how good she looked.

The Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman star wore a pink swimsuit that featured a plunging ruffled neckline and a pair of oversized black sunnies.

“Seas the day!” Seymour captioned the post. “What’s on for your weekend?”

But rather than just answer Seymour’s question about their weekend plans, fans couldn’t get over just how “beautiful” the actress looked.

“Jane you are gorgeous,” one person wrote.

“[You] look amazing for 70,” another commented.

Seymour told Prevention in 2021 that she doesn’t believe in things like plastic surgery to look youthful – and previously tried Botox, but didn’t like it.

“I do not believe in doing anything permanent,” she said.

Instead Seymour focuses on looking after her skin as a whole rather than just her face.

“Nobody thinks of the skin beneath their neck,” she said.

“They’re so obsessed with getting rid of a wrinkle or a line on their face that they forget the dead giveaway to age is basically your neck, your décolletage, your arms … the dry skin on your shins and your feet.”

When it comes to staying fit, Seymour does a combination of pilates, “very slow weightlifting” and Gyrotonics, a combination of yoga, dance and Tai Chi movements.

“[It’s] very, very slow. You only do 20 minutes twice a week,” she told Closer magazine of her weightlifting.

“I notice a huge difference when I do it. Each exercise you do, you do it to fatigue so your whole body starts shaking.”

When it comes to her diet, Seymour tries to eat as little processed foods as possible.

“I don’t eat too much starch, I try not to. Mostly I eat … chicken, a lot of vegetables. We grow a lot of vegetables in the garden, organically,” she said.

“Everything in moderation, which, of course, is the hardest thing. Me telling myself I’m on a diet never works. Me saying, ‘OK, I’m going to have a bite of this cake but I don’t need the whole cake,’ that’s how it works.”

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