Jeremy Clarkson breaks silence on health scare after weight loss and surgery | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Jeremy Clarkson breaks silence on health scare after weight loss and surgery | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Jeremy Clarkson has spoken out on his hidden health battle after doctors discovered a 5cm cyst. The former Top Gear presenter turned Clarkson’s Farm star reportedly revealed that the looming fear of having the cyst removed from his back led him to check out of a luxury wellness resort early.

The 63-year-old admitted he’d been “miserable” while having the upscale break with girlfriend Lisa Hogan, and opted to have his op a week early instead. “Lisa took me to a health farm and, well, it was so miserable there that I thought, ‘I’ve got to have this cyst taken out at some point, I may as well go now’,” he explained in quotes published in The Sun.

“I checked out of the whole place and checked into hospital, because it was more fun having an operation than eating juniper berries all day long,” he joked. “As I lay under the surgeon’s knife, I thought ‘this is preferable’.”

Jeremy went on to add that he lost a stone in weight, estimating that half of the loss could have been caused by the removal of his cyst. Thankfully, he discovered that it wasn’t cancerous.

“It was never going to be cancerous though — I wasn’t in the mood,” he quipped. Jeremy went on to reveal that, unbeknown to fans, he’d had the surgical procedure to remove the almost tennis ball sized cyst months ago in October 2023.

The NHS website confirms that cysts on bones are not often serious, and if they are small enough, can sometimes resolve on their own.

However, the sacs of fluid may need to be cut out under anaesthetic, which is what happened in Jeremy’s case.

Spinal cysts typically develop in patients over 50, due to wear and tear.

Jeremy had discussed his seemingly disastrous health farm stay previously, lamenting that coffee and alcohol were banned, but he neglected to mention the cyst until now.

Telling all about his “miserable” health retreat experience in his Sunday Times column, he confided that he’d been given a glass of wheatgrass.

“Now, I’ve eaten grasshoppers and tarantulas, and I once had a seven-day egg, which had a bit of beak and an eye in it. All of those things were pretty awful.

“But nothing — nothing — gets close to the gut-retching dreadfulness of wheatgrass,” he exclaimed.

Despite his bad experience, Jeremy has attempted to embrace health and wellness by creating his own “wellness drink” – an alcohol-free lager that he calls Hawkstone Spa.

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