Job Interview Questions: Questions you must ask on the first day of your job

Job Interview Questions: Questions you must ask on the first day of your job

For even the most confident of individuals, the first day at a job brings up mixed emotions. You are thrilled to join the company and take up new responsibilities, but you also have tons of questions plaguing your mind. From something as trivial as figuring out where to park your car to wondering whom to report to on an everyday basis, you have a lot going on in your head the moment you enter your office for the first time. This is why, to make yourself comfortable in a professional environment, you should come prepared to ask your hiring manager a few questions. This can bring clarity, leave no room for confusion, and prepare you well for the week ahead.

While you can ask any question that’s bothering you, we have here four questions that every employee can ask on the first day of their job:

Q1. Who will I be closely working with or directly reporting to?
Although your hiring manager must have already planned to introduce you to your team or the seniors you will be reporting to, it’s good to show your eagerness to interact with everyone and understand their roles. In addition, getting formally introduced and engaging in an in-person interaction with others will allow you to start your day on a positive note. Even if the company has not planned a formal induction or identified a mentor/buddy for you to navigate the early days, asking this question will make it easier for you to settle into an environment that is completely new for you.

Q2. What are my responsibilities for today and for the rest of the week?

It’s important to get a clear idea about your responsibilities and the expectations from your position from the very first day. It is only when you know what you are expected to achieve that you can be productive and work harder to achieve your goals in time. Besides, this will also convey to the company that you like to take initiative, possess leadership qualities, and prefer to stay ahead in terms of planning and organising – things managers highly value in an employee. Q3. Any specific rules regarding dress code, lunch breaks, or work hours that I should know?
Every company has its own policies and guidelines regarding dress codes, lunch breaks and work hours. So it’s good to ask everything before you start your day to avoid any misunderstanding. Also, these things will directly impact your work and peace of mind. So don’t hesitate to address such queries. Q4. How frequently will my performance be assessed? What metrics will be used to measure my performance?
Asking these questions will help you comprehend how the company will assess your performance and how frequently the evaluation process will take place. It could be monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly, depending on what works best for the company and its employees. Also, this crucial piece of information will allow you to prepare well and achieve your targets before the assessment.

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