Joe Sugg breaks silence with Dianne Buswell relationship update after ‘stressful’ time | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Joe Sugg breaks silence with Dianne Buswell relationship update after ‘stressful’ time | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

YouTuber Joe Sugg has finally explained his silence on Instagram, revealing he and Strictly pro Dianne Buswell have had to move out of their home.

The vlogger is rarely away from social media, but he explained the couple have been “busy behind the scenes” following the “stress” of the big change.

Taking to his Instagram, Joe told his 6.7 million followers: “Hello! Little update for ya!”

Dianne and Joe then appeared alongside one another in a selfie video from their brand new loft.

Joe began by saying: “If I’m ever away from social media for a while and I come back and I’ve got a moustache, you know I’ve been busy behind the scenes doing something!

“So just a little note to say that…”

The social media influencer then trailed off as Australian Dianne jokingly exclaimed: “We’ve moved to Australia!”

Joe smiled and clarified: “Not to Australia, although it does feel like Australia in here because we’re in the loft.”

“It’s actually very hot in here,” Dianne agreed.

Joe continued: “We’re moving the last bits of our stuff because we have moved house.

“People are like, ‘what? You’ve moved house? You were only in the last place for two and a bit years!’ Very true.”

The star went on to reveal that although he and Dianne “loved” their old house, the couple struggled to take on the renovations that were needed, due to their busy schedules.

Joe admitted: “We loved the last place but it was a project, it was a big project.”

“We haven’t got the time to take on such a big project, so we found this place, we absolutely fell in love with it and now we are here.

“And that is why I’ve been gone for a bit, because I’ve been trying to sort all the stuff out when you move house – it’s been stressful.”

“You’ve done a very good job when I was away,” Dianne reassured her boyfriend.

However, Joe was quick to admit to the dancer: “I think you’ve done a better job just by being here for, like, two days.”

Joe and Dianne moved in together in London shortly after finding love when they were partnered up on Strictly in 2018.

They later announced they had left the city behind for life in the countryside together.

However, back in March this year, it was reported that the stars were selling their £1.35million dream home after living in the Sussex property for just two years.

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