Karl Stefanovic interviews Jenny Morrison on Prime Minister’s scandals

Karl Stefanovic interviews Jenny Morrison on Prime Minister’s scandals

Jenny Morrison will lift the lid on the PM’s scandals, including his ill-fated trip to Hawaii and damaging leaked texts, in an interview with Karl Stefanovic.

Jenny Morrison will lift the lid on the Prime Minister’s ill-fated family trip to Hawaii in a 60 Minutesinterview that will also see her hit back over the cabinet minister who called her husband a “complete psycho” in leaked text messages.

Featuring Channel 9’s Karl Stefanovic sipping a margarita in the kitchen of the Prime Minister’s taxpayer-funded kitchen at Kirribilli House and the threat of watching ScoMo cook a curry again, the exclusive interview will air on Sunday.

For the first time, Jenny Morrison will also reveal what she really thought of the moment that Grace Tame glared at the Prime Minister when she met the couple at the Lodge in Canberra and her distress over Brittany Higgins’ rape allegation.

But the promo clip suggests there’s one subject the couple warned was “too soon” to joke about – the Prime Minister’s ill-fated trip to Hawaii with his wife and family in 2019 that he tried to hide from the public.

After asking the couple what they might find time to do if they lose the next election, Stefanovic then adds, “You could go to Hawaii!”.

“She does address Hawaii in a fairly significant way,’’ Stefanovic told news.com.au.

Mrs Morrison will reveal that the backlash wounded her deeply.

“It caused them enormous pain to have been away from Australia. And I think the decisions that led to that, you know, will be addressed. I think for whatever reason, that they didn’t quite understand initially why, why it was the wrong decision. But they soon learned why,’’ he said.

“Also, Jenny also makes a killer Margarita, which is kind of strange with the whole Hawaii thing. But that’s the vaudeville aspect of the story that I absolutely love.”

The couple sat down with Channel 9 for the major interview as the Prime Minister fights for his political life ahead of the 2022 election.

“She was a real revelation in the way that she was so honest and real,’’ Stefanovic said.

“I think that she is quietly determined and quietly fierce and I think she’s incredibly protective of her kids and she’s incredibly protective of her husband.”

Recent revelations over two separate text message scandals involving Barnaby Joyce who called the Prime Minister a liar who could “twist the truth into a lie” and an unnamed Liberal who called him a “complete psycho” will also be canvassed.

“And I think it’s fair to say that she has a bit to say about some of the criticisms of her husband,’’ Stefanovic said.

“The texting scandals, I mean, there’s nothing that she doesn’t address. And she’s you know, she’s herself. I don’t think she’s a person who’s manipulated by PR boffins.

“She’s real and I think that she connects in a way that is open and honest and incredibly refreshing.”

The 60 Minutes interview is also expected to cover the Brittany Higgins furore, including the PM’s revelation that he had to be told to think about it “as a father” by his wife.

Ms Higgins has criticised Mr Morrison for a comment he made after she went public with allegations she was raped at Parliament House in 2019.

“Jenny and I spoke last night and she said to me, ‘You have to think about this as a father. What would you want to happen if it were our girls?’” Mr Morrison had said.

“Jenny has a way of clarifying things. Always has. And so, as I’ve reflected on that overnight and listened to Brittany and what she had to say.”

Ms Higgins told the national press club on Wednesday that sometimes the Prime Minister’s language had been “shocking and, at times, admittedly offensive” over the past year.

“But his words wouldn’t matter if his actions had been measured up. Then, or since,” Ms Higgins said.

“I didn’t want his sympathy as a father, I wanted him to use his power as Prime Minister.

“I wanted him to wield the weight of his office and drive change in the party and our parliament, and out into the country.”

Mrs Morrison will also discuss the couple’s private chats about women and sexual assault that led to that moment.

“You know, she’s also been embroiled in some pretty big, damaging things for the government,’’ Stefanovic said.

“So she addresses Brittany Higgins. She addresses Grace Tame. She addresses Hawaii, which I think you’ll find very interesting.”

At one point in the interview, the Prime Minister is asked why it takes him so long to get things “through his thick head”.

“The context of that, I think the criticism out there is pretty widespread, that it takes Scott too long to ‘get’ an issue and it takes him too long to act on an issue and sometimes that leads to frustration and understanding how he works and how we operate as a leader,’’ he said.

“Look, I have enormous respect for the office. I’ve really enjoyed Jenny’s refreshing take on things and I think that if she decided to go and pull into politics, which I don’t think she ever will, I think she’d be a hell of a Prime Minister.”

The 60 Minutes interview will air on Channel 9 on Sunday night.

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