Kate Middleton was born during a key astrological event giving her a ‘powerful destiny’

Kate Middleton was born during a key astrological event giving her a ‘powerful destiny’

Kate Middleton stepped into a new role last September when Queen Elizabeth II died, making her become the new Princess of Wales. This month, she also launched her new Shaping Us campaign, which is said to be her “life’s work”. But what else is in store for the royal? An astrologer has revealed how she is going to experience more “international attention”.

Kate, Princess of Wales was born on January 9, 1982, making her a “reliable” Capricorn Sun with a “sensitive” Cancer Moon, a pop culture astrologer has said.

In terms of her elemental energy, she has a “strong emphasis on Air, with Water and Fire coming up nearly tied after”, the expert revealed.

As for what this means, Kate is said to be “tremendously talented at working with people, in partnerships and the public”.

Looking at her astrological birth chart as a whole, Kate was born on a lunar eclipse which represents that she “came into this world for a profoundly powerful destiny”.

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Midheaven refers to the very top of a chart, or the 12 o’clock mark and represents the highest point on the horizon that any planet can reach.

Her astrological chart also shows Mercury being united with Venus and this brings a “sense of eternal youth, charm and beauty”.

“One of the most important alignments” on Kate’s chart is Jupiter standing exactly across from her Midheaven, which brings impact and the “ability to see the big picture when it comes to her public standing and the world”.

When it comes to what’s in store for the Princess this year, Kyle said she will work on international relations and could see “even more international attention applauding her”.

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Kyle also explored Kate’s compatibility with Prince William and gave them a whopping nine out of 10.

When looking at both their charts, he suggested they were “star-crossed lovers” that are “meant for one another”. He even used the term “soulmates” to describe them.

Apparently, the Prince and Princess of Wales have a “powerful ability” to balance one another in life, and they are also great communicators.

In terms of intimacy and romance, they also tick that box.

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