Kate Middleton’s body language does not ‘force conversation’ or ‘play for the camera’

Kate Middleton’s body language does not ‘force conversation’ or ‘play for the camera’

, 40, visited Colham Manor Children’s Centre in Hillingdon with the Maternal Mental Health Alliance today. The Princess of Wales could be heard chatting to a young three-year-old boy named Akeem, who asked what her name was.

The Princess responded by saying: “My name is Catherine, very nice to meet you.”

Judi James, a body language expert, spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk to explain why Kate looked “so natural and un-regal”.

She explained: “Kate (or Catherine) makes this moment look so natural and un-regal, neither forcing the conversation with the small boy nor using any body language or vocal techniques that might suggest she’s just playing for the camera.

“The result shows in the very confident and relaxed body language of the little boy.”

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As well as asking the Princess her name, Akeem also touched her poppy which Kate happily gifted to him.

The Princess asked him: “Do you know what this is for? It’s for remembering all the soldiers who died in the war.”

Judi continued: “He happily places his hand on top of Kate’s and points at her poppy with no sign of self-consciousness.

“Kate bends right down to his height, keeping their heads close and using eye contact but allowing him to instigate the rest of the body language rituals to ensure he feels totally at ease and very much the centre of her attention.”


According to Judi, the Princess’ “vocal tone” does not vary when speaking to adults and children, and she explained why this is.

“Her vocal tone barely varies from when she speaks to adults and this technique will often help children to feel more grown-up and not patronised,” Judi noted.

“It gives the impression that she is speaking to an equal rather than a small child, asking him questions but without using the sing-songy voice people often adopt when they speak to a child.

“This is something that has clearly been learned via personal experience for her as the mother of three.”

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Judi also commented on the ease with which Kate bent down and then got back up again after chatting to the three-year-old boy.

She said: “Kate also manages to get up from her bend (in heels too!) without touching the ground or faltering or even groaning as most of us would do, showing levels of fitness that are enviable.”

Kate stepped out today in an all-green outfit, consisting of a Hobbs London “Lori Wool Cashmere Belted Coat”.

Underneath, the Princess wore a Mango “Knitted Perkins Neck Dress in Olive” for £35.99.

Due to the popularity of the dress after being seen today on Kate, it is nearly sold out in all sizes except Size 10.

To accessorise, the Princess carried her £524 Jimmy Choo “Croc-Embossed Leather Palace Bag in Dark Clorofilla”, which she previously took to Galway in Ireland on a trip back in 2020.

For footwear, Her Royal Highness opted to recycle her £592 Gianvito Rossi “Gianvito 85 Dark Olive Suede Pumps”.

Finally, Kate wore her Kiki McDonough “Citrine Pear Drop Earrings”, worth a whopping £550.

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