Laura Kenny admits ‘I couldn’t cope’ as son Albie falls sick | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Laura Kenny admits ‘I couldn’t cope’ as son Albie falls sick | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Dame Laura Kenny has admitted that she “couldn’t cope” as she had to care for her two children, one of whom was sick, on her own recently.

The Olympic cyclist, who is mum to six-year-old Albie and a six-month-old Monty, took to her Instagram Stories to share her stress with her followers and admitted her mother swooped in to save the day.

She told her 198,000 followers: “Do some people just know how to mum better than you do or do you eventually just learn it?

“I’d properly cracked today. Albie has been off sick and the house literally needed a clean top to toe… How are you meant to look after a six month old and a six-year-old? Work! Live and actually clean.

“My mum just dropped everything after I rang her and said I couldn’t cope and she just came round and did it!” she added.

“Everything! So I could be with the little ones. The kitchen’s never been so clean. Does doing everything for your kids just never wear off? Mum you’re literally the best.” (sic)

Laura, 31, previously opened up to about how she will be taking a different approach to her son’s health after becoming concerned.

The athlete, who tragically suffered through a harrowing ectopic pregnancy in 2022 said when she was expecting her second child, Monty, with husband Sir Jason Kenny, that she would be changing her diet as her son Albie wasn’t getting the right nourishment.

The sports star explained how she became “worried” once she realised that Albie wasn’t getting his five fruits and vegetables daily due to her own preference for “bland food”.

She spoke about how people probably “find it surprising” that, as an athlete, she wasn’t getting her own five a day in.

She said: “I like bland food so I always just go, ‘Oh I’ll just have a bowl of pasta before training.’ And actually I get to the end of the day I think, I’ve had three… four at best?

“But then the even more worrying thing for me is that I don’t think my little boy Albie was getting five a day either,” she admitted.

Dame Laura went on to describe how she now uses simple recipes to sneak in much-needed fruit and vegetables into Albie’s meals.

“It’s just been kind of a wake up call for us as a family.”

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