Lego’s Biggest Set Ever Arrives On Black Friday

Many of us have had an unexpected amount of time on our hands this year, and it’s a situation that might not be changing any time soon. Luckily, Lego is here to keep our brains and hands occupied, with the upcoming release of its biggest ever set–the Lego Roman Colosseum.

The Roman Colosseum is made up of a staggering 9,036 pieces, which is considerably more than the previously biggest set, the 7,541-piece Millennium Falcon. This latest set will be available on November 27, which is Black Friday. It will set you back $550, and while that’s obviously a lot of money, it’s actually $150 cheaper than the Falcon set.

The Roman Colosseum set includes many real life details from one of the world’s most famous landmarks. These include a recreation of the three distinct stories from the Colosseum, the columns of each story, the “ribs” of the spectator stand, and a variety of contrasting colors to show the aging of this nearly-2000 year old building. It sits on an oval base, ensuring that builders can display any side of the Colosseum. Check it out below:

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The set was designed by Rok Zgalin Kobe. In a statement, he said, “One of the biggest challenges and one of the most important things was to convey the Colosseum’s monumentality in the LEGO form. I felt that the LEGO model should display a special architectural feature of the original–the rows of columns flanking the arches in different styles.

“To achieve that, the model is constructed using an effect of vertical exaggeration. The cross-section is therefore far steeper than on the real structure. Hopefully, people will be inspired to learn more about the original through the experience of building the LEGO model.”

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