List of ‘Most Wanted Stocks 2022’ delivers 23.2% returns vs 10.7% returns by index

List of ‘Most Wanted Stocks 2022’ delivers 23.2% returns vs 10.7% returns by index

Our previous baskets of recommendations have generally fared well, barring two particularly bad years. As is typically observed in investing, a few bets in every portfolio have contributed to the bulk of return. This is most evident in our 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2018 portfolios. These baskets delivered outsized return on the back of large payoff from 2-3 positions. The notable exception is the 2019 portfolio, where all bets have delivered healthy return. This has allowed the portfolio to deliver a whopping 27% annualised return, leaving indices trailing in its wake. TVS Motor Company, Cummins India and Sundram Fastners generated the most value. Last year’s list of most preferred stocks by MFs also saw all bets fetching handsome returns, barring one. JB Chemicals and KEC International were the stars of the show. The 2020 portfolio also fetched healthy returns, with all bets in the green, but still lagged the broader index. Portfolios of 2017 and 2021 disappointed badly, yielding a paltry return. The 2017 basket saw two sour NBFC bets sinking the ship, while the 2021 basket had four bad apples dragging the portfolio down.


Six out of nine previous portfolios of Most Wanted Stocks have given outsized returns


Note: Data as on 7 Nov 2023 | Compiled by ETIG Database | All returns, excluding 2022, are annualised. Returns are calculated from respective date of publication of each edition. | Total return includes dividends. Value of Rs.10,000 invested and final portfolio value excludes dividends. | Sum invested in each stock not exactly equal to Rs.10,000 as number of shares bought rounded off as per purchase price. Total invested amount considers sum invested in each stock.

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