Look younger by avoiding ‘big mistake’ when using blusher that can cause skin to ‘drop’

Look younger by avoiding ‘big mistake’ when using blusher that can cause skin to ‘drop’

Cheeks lose their natural colour and become less defined with age as the s elasticity declines. While a cleansing and hydrating routine is essential to maintain a plump and bright complexion, blusher is a great way to fake an effortlessly flushed look if you are already dealing with signs of ageing. A expert has shared exactly how to apply it to .

In a recent video on her YouTube channel, over 50’s makeup expert, Shellea Fowler revealed the five common mistakes made by people with mature skin when applying products to the cheeks.

Along with contouring and highlighter mishaps, the Fabulous50s CEO and Founder shared the importance of applying blusher to suit your own face shape and ageing concerns.

She said: “The big mistake we can make when applying blush to our face is to put it in the wrong place.”

Shellea explained that simply brushing rouge products in the parameter of your cheeks where you think they should go isn’t always the best technique.

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“So when you’re choosing a blush, find one with a little bit of sheen in it and then add a highlighter on top.

“But remember that flat matte blush makes us look older, so don’t do that!”

As with any makeup product, using just the right amount is essential to avoid a cakey or overdone finish.

Shealla explained: “When you’re applying blush it’s subtle, it’s not overdone and it’s not too lined. Using a brush with an edge is a perfect way to get a good application.”

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For the best results, a brush with a head the size of the apple of your cheek is best to avoid going outside the natural contour of your cheekbone.

The mature skin expert recommended finding the cheeks and brushing upwards towards the ear for the most natural-looking finish.

While this beauty tip applies to powder cosmetics, Shealla noted that cream products can be used similarly.

She explained if you have a cream blusher, you should warm it up a little bit in your fingers instead of putting it directly onto your face.

To rouge your cheekbones with the pigmented cream, the Fabulous50s founder suggested applying it with a gentle tapping motion.

She said: “Tap it on and blend it out. Remember to keep within the lines of your cheeks and just feel for your cheekbone – that’s where the blush goes.”

One of the biggest mistakes made by people with mature skin is bringing the product too low down on the cheeks, creating a drooping, sagging appearance.

To avoid this, Shealla warned against smiling when applying your blusher as the face “drops” when you stop, leaving the pigment low down on your face, making you “look older”.

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