Look younger with homemade berry face masks to ‘soothe’ and ‘brighten’ ageing skin

Look younger with homemade berry face masks to ‘soothe’ and ‘brighten’ ageing skin

is an essential step in your routine to stay but you don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive products to maintain a healthy complexion. Berries are just one of many natural ingredients that can be used to nourish and soothe mature, sensitive – even when they’re past their prime ripeness. While you can crush up almost any fresh to form a mask, aestheticians have shared the most soothing to try making at home.

Abigail James, author of the specialist skincare book, The Glow Plan told Express.co.uk: “Homemade masks with ingredients such as berries can benefit the skin. They may not have the same effect as scientifically created skincare – but the natural ingredients do have their own unique components and obviously have no added preservatives, colours or synthetics so you know exactly what you’re putting on your face.

“Strawberries contain salicylic acid which can have a brightening effect as it exfoliates and cleans pores to reduce hyperpigmentation and even calm acne breakouts.”

It’s not just strawberries that can be used in your face masks either. According to Dr Emma Derbyshire, public health nutritionist and adviser to British Summer Fruits, blueberries are another great option.

She commented: “Blueberries are full of polyphenols such as anthocyanins which have been linked to cognitive benefits. These are exciting findings and imply that berries have an important role to play in reinforcing cognitive wellbeing, both in school and as we age.”

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The skincare experts recommended adding a few other ingredients into the mix for extra nourishment. Along with your choice of fresh berries, Abigail noted that oats and honey are both staple items needed to thicken the mixture.

She said: “Oats make a great addition and are very soothing to the surface of the skin, as well as hydrating. Natural honey is an excellent skin soother and applying raw honey to the skin’s surface has been used over the years with good effect in healing, soothing and adding an element of antibacterial.

“There is no one quick fix when it comes to looking younger, but this could be a nice addition to your at-home face massage and other skincare routines – especially if you have any berries that are softening which you want to put to a different but beneficial use.”

While you can use any combination of ingredients for a DIY face mask, the Love Fresh Berries team have shared their tried-and-tested recipes for the best anti-ageing results.

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A second and possibly a third layer can also be applied if required, though you should leave the mask to dry on the skin for between five and 10 minutes.

The mask will tighten slightly on the skin as it dries. Once completely dry, rinse a warm flannel or cloth and gently wipe the excess away from your face.

As it has a strong colour it does require wiping off a few times with the flannel. Apply oil or serum to your clean skin afterwards for extra hydration.


For the “ultimate” mixed berries face mask, you will need:

  • One large or two small strawberries
  • Four blackberries
  • Eight blueberries
  • Seven raspberries
  • Two heaped tablespoon oats
  • One teaspoon of honey
  • One large tablespoon yoghurt
  • One table spoon of coconut oil
  • One teaspoon ground almonds (optional)

A spokesperson for Love Fresh Berries said: “This mask is the perfect blend of ingredients to brighten (it will give a radiance!) with the strawberry alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) which has a brightening and exfoliating effect.

“There is an amazing blend of antioxidants from all the berries, especially with the high levels of Vitamin C and A. There is also Vitamin K for supporting blood vessels, an amazing blend of essential minerals for skin health, notably magnesium, zinc and potassium.”

Place all ingredients into a smoothie maker and blend for 20 to 30 seconds until thoroughly mixed. Apply with your hands to clean skin by massaging the mixture over the face and neck to work it into the skin.

While massaging is essential to activate the exfoliating properties, you should avoid the eye area. Leave on the skin for five to 10 minutes, before removing with a warm damp flannel or cloth. The Love Fresh Berries experts said: “The skin can feel zingy, though you should have a lovely glow afterwards.”

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