Look younger with powder makeup tip for ‘beautiful’ and ‘flawless’ skin under the eyes

Look younger with powder makeup tip for ‘beautiful’ and ‘flawless’ skin under the eyes

Blending cosmetics into the skin is the only way to leave your complexion looking seamless while still being natural. While using lightweight, cream products are the best way to do this it’s not as easy when it comes to setting them with loose or compact powders – particularly under the eyes. However, according to one expert, it is possible to achieve a flawless finish without enhancing wrinkles, creasing or fine lines on mature complexions. She shared her easy technique for 40-plus skin.

In a recent video on her profile, skincare expert Natasha B (@beautyjm0) revealed her tried-and-tested method for applying powder under the eyes on ageing skin.

She said: “Let me show you how to powder 47-year-old skin specifically under the eye and how I get that beautiful flawless finish. First, it’s all about the powder. You have to have the right powder.”

If you’re in the market for a new powder or aren’t getting the desired results from your existing product, the skincare expert recommended trying the e.l.f Cosmetics Correct and Set Under Eye Powder which has a hint of pink undertone in it to “really brighten up under the eye”.

Her other recommendations included the Laura Mercier powder which again, is “super finely milled”. According to Natasha, this is essential for textured, mature complexions.

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Natasha noted that if you dust it over the “heavy crease zone” in the corner of the eyes, it will “be a hot mess”.

Instead, you should stretch your face to elongate the skin under your eyes and make the base smoother.

Next, pat the powder onto your skin using a gentle tapping motion. The beauty expert explained that you should start in the centre of the skin under your eyes before moving outwards to the creased corners known as “the crinkle zone”.

She said: “Start low and then press all of that – you really want to get into the fine lines and the wrinkles.”

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In addition to using the technique under the eyes, the popular TikTok user suggested bringing the powder up around the nose too.

While dusting the brush up each side of the bridge of her nose, she explained: “If you have larger pores, this is a Godsend!”

For extra coverage, you can bring the powder up in between your eyebrows to the T-zone to “really pack it all in there” and smooth out fine lines.

To finish the look, @beautyjm0 used a setting spray to lock her makeup in place.

Natasha said: “This is what’s going to melt all of your products together into perfection.” Her two “ultimate favourites” for mature skin include the Urban Decay All-Nighter setting spray and the Airbrush product by Charlotte Tilbury.

Before spritzing her face, she tilted her head back and applied it liberally all over to dampen the powder products and set them in place. She warned: “Do not touch the face at this stage!”

Instead, you should leave the liquid to settle into your skin after a few seconds. Even after scrunching your face to test for crinkles, you shouldn’t be able to see any fine lines or settled makeup on the face.

The beauty blogger said: “Yes you still have movement but you don’t have a breakdown of the product!”

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