Loucas Louca scammed Mallacoota bushfire victim who lost everything in horror blazes

A man who spent thousands on women he met on a sugar daddy website carried out a despicable act to get money.

A cruel scammer duped a Victorian bushfire survivor into buying fake gold and spent thousands on women he met on a sugar daddy website.

Loucas Louca was jailed for two years and three months for obtaining property by deception, attempt to obtain property by deception and other charges in relation to the scheme.

The 64-year-old appeared in his wheelchair via videolink in the County Court of Victoria for the sentence on Friday.

He used dodgy documents to create multiple bank accounts, emails and accounts on eBay to sell fake gold bars to unwitting victims.

The pensioner passed off the gold bars as 99.9 per cent pure, but in reality the bars were zinc and copper with a gold plating. They were worth about $20.

The Camberwell man scammed more than $123,900 from a Mallacoota bushfire victim between July 7 and 29 last year.

The victim believed he was buying gold from a Victorian woman named “Miss Anna” but instead it was Louca.

“You feigned sympathy,” Judge Daniel Holding said.

In a message Louca told his victim: “It’s so sad to hear you lost everything from the fires.

“Hopefully everything will be OK in future and main thing you are still live.”

His victim told the scammer he was using the payout from the loss of his home in the devastating 2020 bushfires to buy the gold.

The man was “extremely fragile and vulnerable” after the fires and the crime had further traumatised him, he said in a statement.

The fraudster used the cash to put thousands into the accounts of women he formed “arrangements” with on the “” website, according to court documents.

He scammed two other victims who bought four of the “gold” bars. The men discovered they were fake and ordered several other bars in a bid to “string along” Louca and help police.

When police raided Louca’s home in Melbourne’s leafy east they found 100 fake bars, packages about to be shipped to the bushfire victim and various identity documents the fraudster used.

They also uncovered WhatsApp messages to a friend of Louca’s from 2018 with pictures of the counterfeit gold.

“I put two on eBay and gone crazy lol. This will sale for $1750 each lol,” he said.

The judge said Louca had a lengthy history of prior dishonesty offences and was already plotting the scheme while on parole for other serious offending.

The offending was “most troubling” and “audacious”, Judge Holding told the man.

He took into account Louca had serious health problems and suffered a stroke in February, he pleaded guilty at an early stage and all but $9900 had been returned to the victims.

Louca must serve at least 17 months before being eligible for parole and has already spent 217 days in custody.

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