Love Whites? Tips and Tricks to Keep Them Like New

Love Whites? Tips and Tricks to Keep Them Like New

White clothes never go out of fashion, and there are a few simple rules or steps to maintain their whiteness. If the white clothes get a bit dull, grey, or yellow, you can restore their brightness with a few simple techniques.

The tips are as follows:

Soak whites before washing: Before tossing the whites in the washing machine, soak them in hot water with two cups of baking soda for a couple of hours and it helps the white clothes get brighter.

Separate whites: The first step towards maintaining white clothes is by separating them from other colourful clothes. Washing white clothes separately will prevent colour bleeding. Washing whites with other clothes may make it look dull.

Avoid Overloading: While washing clothes, one should overload the washing machine. When it is overloaded, there isn’t enough space for the water to flush away the dirt, and it redeposits the dirt on fabrics, leaving them dull.

Choose the right detergent: Choosing the right detergent for clothes is very important. To choose the right detergent for the white clothes, we need to check the ingredients and see that the detergent powder contains optical brighteners. These brighteners help in minimising yellow stains and make the whites look whiter.

Treat stains promptly: Before removing the stain from the white cloth, follow the stain removal guidelines for fabric and stain type. Otherwise, the fabric may get damaged.

Rinse with vinegar: Skip commercial fabric softeners, as they may leave residue on white fabrics. Instead, one can use distilled white vinegar to ensure that all the detergent is stripped away from the fabrics.

Dry outside: Drying white clothes and fabrics outside can make a big difference in their brightness. The ultraviolet rays from the sun help whiten the fibre.

Ironing white clothes: While ironing white clothes, avoid using high heat. Because an extremely hot iron can scorch the cloth and leave marks that are difficult to remove.

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