Luca Hollenstein will reportedly extend his contract with EV Zug

The 21-year-old goaltender’s deal will expire at the end of this season. Apparently, he has decided to stay in Zug.

EV Zug

As Zentralplus reports. citing several sources, Luca Hollenstein is set to sign a two-year contract with EV Zug. The goaltender, who has appeared in four games for EVZ this season, would thus suit up for the Bulls until the end of the 2023-24 season.

Hollenstein had been looking at his options, as his agent, Daniel Giger, told the same source a bit over a week ago. As for the two-year deal, Giger is not yet willing to comment on Zentralplus‘ report.

( 21 October 2021 | mso )

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