Lucknow Woman Who Slapped Cab Driver 22 Times

“He deserved more slaps, my actions were out of self-defence,” said Priyadarshini Narayan Yadav on Thursday, the woman accused of assaulting a Lucknow cab driver by slapping him 22 times following an altercation.

While Lucknow Police is yet to arrest her, an FIR was recently registered against her after social media uproar on the viral video of the incident.

Yadav has accused the taxi driver Saadat Ali Siddiqui, of trying to run her over. Both have filed counter- complaints against each other. “Kam Pade hain, jyada padne chahiye the (They were too few, he deserved more). If police had done its work, I would not have had to do it. They’ll hit and run away, Self defence nahi karenge (Will I not defend myself). Is our life cheap? The police will get a postmortem done and send the body home. Who will be at a loss,” said Yadav, NDTV reported.

She has been accused of similar acts in the past.

Three days after the video of the incident went viral, in which Yadav was seen thrashing Siddiqui and misbehaving with a person standing nearby, a case had been registered against her under sections 394 and 427 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

An FIR had been registered against the woman for allegedly robbing Rs 6,000 from the cab driver and breaking his mobile, lodged by Siddiqui.

The CCTV footage of the incident also surfaced which showed Yadav crossing the road. She came in front of Siddiqui’s car all of a sudden but it did not collide with her, after which she started beating the driver.

Yadav was seen slapping Siddiqui in the middle of the busy road in Krishnanagar Kotwali area of the capital. She was also seen arguing with a person who confronted her why she was beating the cab driver.

The incident even led to a traffic jam at the Awadh intersection. Police personnel could be seen standing across the road but they did not intervene.

The police had taken the cab driver and his accomplice to the police station on the complaint of the woman and fined them under section 151 for breach of peace. The woman was, however, released after giving a warning.

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