Man in his 60s arrested after uranium found at Heathrow Airport | UK News

Man in his 60s arrested after uranium found at Heathrow Airport | UK News

A man in his 60s has been arrested in connection with an investigation into traces of uranium found in a cargo package at Heathrow Airport.

A small amount of the radioactive material was found with a shipment of scrap metal following a routine screening on 29 December.

Police said the man was arrested on suspicion of a terror offence on Saturday and was released on bail as part of their investigation.

Commander Richard Smith, who leads the Metropolitan Police’s Counter Terrorism Command, said: “The discovery of what was a very small amount of uranium within a package at Heathrow Airport is clearly of concern, but it shows the effectiveness of the procedures and checks in place with our partners to detect this type of material.”

He added that despite the arrest, the incident does “not appear to be linked to any direct threat to the public”, but detectives are continuing inquiries to ensure this is “definitely the case”.

Officers attended an address in Cheshire yesterday and the man was taken to a police station in northwest England.

The Metropolitan Police’s Counter Terrorism Command said he has been released on bail until a date in April.

The command unit was contacted by Border Force colleagues at Heathrow after the contaminated material was discovered in December.

It arrived on a flight from Oman after originating in Pakistan, Sky sources say.

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