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Man reveals incredible Venice kitchen discovery in TikTok video

One would assume the stunning views of Venice would be enough to excite this tourist – instead, it was something he found in the hotel’s kitchen.

One would assume the stunning views of Venice would be enough to excite this tourist after being locked down for so long and finally able to travel.

But no.

The US traveller has racked up more than 2.5 million views on a video about a “genius” discovery he came across while staying in what appears to be a hotel in the popular Italian city.

In his TikTok, the man who goes by the handle @emersonmcbones, begins by showing the beautiful views from his window, before revealing what really got him excited.

“So this is where we’re staying in Venice…it’s got pretty great views of the Grand Canal and the train station is like a stones throw away,” he said.

“But what’s really cool, check this out,” he continued with a very excited voice.

“You put your dishes away, when you dry them you put them up here and they just drain straight into the sink.”

He was referring to an over the sink dish rack, leaving him questioning why we don’t have them elsewhere in world.

“You don’t have to put them on a drying rack and then put them away later — you just put them straight where they go and they dry into the sink from there,” he continued in his extremely shocked voice.

His video immediately sparked a barrage of comments from people also gobsmacked by his discovery.

“I was about to say ‘man that view is beautiful, why are you so uninterested about it?!’ but then I saw the rack and my jaw literally dropped open lmao,” one person commented.

“Oh no way, that’s so cool!” a second person wrote, while a third joked:

“’How was your Venice trip?’ – ‘Super cool. They had this neat drying rack for dishes above the sink!””.

Others said they too were shocked to discover the rack when studying abroad in Rome.

“(I) was amazed to have this!! Puts drying dishes neatly out of sight.”

Some pointed out the unique kitchen item was common in Finland.

“This is Finnish innovation. Every house in Finland has this,” one person wrote, while another wrote “every Italian house there’s one of these”.

The post, which was shared on Tuesday, has been ‘liked’ half a million times with many continuing to reveal in which parts of Europe they have spotted the “clever” rack.

“I miss living in Spain, this is one of those reasons,” one woman said.

“You can buy those on Amazon,” another TikTok user pointed out.

While the one from Venice is installed in a cupboard above the sink, the one featured on Amazon Australia is freestanding and fits over the sink, depending on its sizing and retails for $85.95. also has a similar one for $59.96.

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