Man’s genius hack could clear leaves from your pool in seconds

Man’s genius hack could clear leaves from your pool in seconds

A content creator on TikTok has been praised after sharing an ingenious hack to remove leaves and other debris from a swimming pool in seconds.

The clever method was divulged on a TikTok account owned by Dr. Dan Callen, who shares “life hacks” with more than 6,000 followers.

The most common way to remove leaves from a pool is to use a skimmer and scoop out the foliage manually, but this is both time-consuming and physical.

Content creator Dr. Callen suggests using a leafblower instead, as it gets the job done in a matter of seconds and requires minimal effort.

The trick is to ensure the air blows across the surface of the water, to prevent submerging the leaves below the surface.

In the clip, Dr. Callen explained: “Here’s a life hack if you have a bunch of leaves in your pool, and how to skim in fashion.”

He carries out the demonstration in his pool, and starts by pouring a bucket of dry leaves in.

He is then shown aiming the blower toward the leaves on the water’s surface, holding the machine at a vertical angle.

The wind causes the water to ripple, allowing him to guide the foliage to one corner of a pool where it can easily be scooped out with a net.

Many in the comment section were dumbfounded by the trick.

“I thought I invented this idea,” one person joked, while another wrote: “definitely trying this Monday lol.”

Some, however, pointed out a potential flaw in the hack, suggesting many of the leaves could end up sinking to the bottom of the pool instead of streaming along the surface.

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