Marissa Tofield: Woman who planned to dose friend’s ex with lethal amount of GBH skips court

The woman who planned to poison her friend’s ex-partner with a fatal amount of GBH has failed to turn up to her sentencing.

A woman accused of planning to kill her friend’s ex boyfriend by feeding him a fatal dose of liquid ecstasy has failed to show up to her sentencing hearing.

Marissa Tofield, 29, and her friend Claire Dawson, 30, were initially charged with conspiring to murder over their plot to poison Ms Dawson’s ex Raimondo Corak-Phan in December 2019.

The women face charges of conspiring to administer a poison intending to injure over their plan to give him a lethal dose of the drug GBH.

The plot was foiled by a phone tap by NSW Police.

The court was previously told police raided Tofield‘s Glebe apartment and found 15ml of the party drug.

NSW Police alleged the defendant was caught on a phone tap plotting to kill Mr Corak-Phan.

Tofield, who pleaded guilty to the offence, was due to be sentenced on Friday.

But Wayne Condon, for the defence, told the Sydney District Court that his client had not appeared for the hearing.

“I do know that she was unwell yesterday and still came (to her hearing on Thursday),” the lawyer said.

“I’ve left messages but I can’t get a response.

“I’ve sent a text message but can’t get a response, so I don’t know why she’s not here but it may well be because she’s unwell.”

Judge Dina Yehia said she wanted Ms Tofield at the hearing and adjourned the matter until Monday so she could attend.

“It’s important she be here for the sentence,” she said.

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