Mayhem Studios Ugw Battle Royale Game Pre-registration Window Opens Today

Mayhem Studios Ugw Battle Royale Game Pre-registration Window Opens Today

The pre-registration window for the Mayhem Studios Underworld Gang Wars (UGW) slated to launch later this year has gone live today. With this, gamers from across the country can take their first step towards playing the country’s first AAA battle royale game soon and can pre-register for the game on Google Play.

Mayhem Studios has also revealed the first look of Underworld Gang Wars (UGW) through its cinematic trailer. 

The two central characters, Tyagi and Boris, are revealed walking on a distinctly Indian setup, in bollywood style. Both the gang leaders are seen in front of buildings set ablaze, carrying their weapons and walking with their respective gangs; “The Bhokal Toli” and “The Velvets”.

The trailer highlights how the game revolves around the rivalry between two gangs and strikes a clear contrast between both. Tyagi and the Bhokalis are the underdog gang while Boris and the Velvets are their arch-rival urban gang. The costumes, weapons and the vehicles of both the characters highlight a strong sense of Indian-ness while also reflecting their apparent social divide. Tyagi wearing a humble shirt and Lungi and carrying a hammer is a stark contrast to the more urbane and sophisticated Boris who is seen carrying an assault gun.

With the characters and plot rooted in India, the game promises setting with some interesting characters inspired by stories of India. The theme, weapons, and the maps of the game have been designed to offer a unique experience to the gamers.

The gameplay becomes intense in UGW as the underdog gang from the West wants to take control of the Eastern region from its arch-rival urban gang.

To provide an authentic experience, each region depicted in the game resembles a real location in India, be it the coal mines or the next-door apartment complex. It also has iconic landmarks including a fort, station, stadium and a racecourse.

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