Melissa Caddick: Woman claiming to be childhood friend speaks out

A person who claims to be a childhood friend of Melissa Caddick has posed a wild theory about what she believes might have happened to the fraudster.

A woman claiming to be Melissa Caddick’s childhood friend has posed two theories about what she thinks may have happened to the high-flying fraudster.

Speaking to Hit NSW Breakfast, Jodie, said she was a long time friend of Ms Caddick and wanted to air her thoughts after watching Sunday night’s bombshell 7 Spotlight interview with Anthony Koletti.

Mr Koletti, Ms Caddick’s husband, broke his silence about his fraudster wife and made a series of wild claims including that he believed she was murdered.

But Jodie has posed two new theories.

The first, she said, is that Ms Caddick left the house and “someone took her because they got greedy.

“And then something’s happened to her,” Jodie said, alluding to murder.

She also put forward a theory that the AFP questioned Ms Caddick and made her “spill her guts”.

“She (would have said) ‘these are the other people that are involved’ and they’ve put her in witness protection,” Jodie said, adding the bizarre claim that the foot find was a decoy.

Ms Caddick’s decomposed foot was found on a remote beach hundreds of kilometres away from her Dover Heights home where she was last seen in November last year.

The foot was spotted by surfers in February, but the rest of Ms Caddick’s body was never found.

“They are just waiting to catch the big fish, and they’ll either put her into witness protection or she’ll come out and do her time for her part in the crime,” Jodie said.

Jodie mentioned that she was left devastated by what happened to Ms Caddick, given she knew her as a friend first.

“The Melissa I knew was a very dedicated child, daughter and sister to her family and her friends,” she said.

“That’s where my head is at. I’m confused at the moment because I can’t believe what she’s done.

“That’s not the girl I knew growing up.”

Jodie made the claims just days after Mr Koletti told 7 Spotlight that he believed his wife was murdered.

“I know why she died. Someone got greedy and wanted her dead,” he said.

Ms Caddick vanished from her multimillion-dollar home in Sydney’s east in November last year, two days after the corporate watchdog ASIC raided her property.

Three months later her decomposed foot was found on a remote beach, 400km away.

Various wild theories have emerged about what happened to the conwoman, who was accused of swindling family and friends out of millions through her dodgy financial business, including that she may have chopped off her own foot and faked her disappearance.

The more likely scenario is that Ms Caddick took her own life.

Mr Koletti, however, doubts those claims.

“I felt it like a lightning bolt through my heart,” Mr Koletti told 7 News Spotlight, claiming that he wanted “the truth to come out”.

“She wasn’t the kind of person who would chop off her foot and go AWOL.”

Mr Koletti has remained largely silent since Ms Caddick vanished in the early hours of November 12 last year, just two days after the corporate watchdog raided their home.

She was running a Ponzi scheme through her business Maliver and was accused of swindling clients, mainly family and friends, out of millions of dollars to fund her lavish lifestyle.

Her teenage son told police he heard the front door close on November 12 about 5.30am when Ms Caddick left for a run.

But the 49-year-old was never seen or heard from again despite detectives combing through hours of CCTV.

Ms Caddick has left behind her husband, teenage son and elderly parents who now fear getting kicked out of a Sydney apartment they contributed $1.1m towards.

In July, a court was told her assets should not be sold off until it could be confirmed she was dead.

There is no suggestion her parents or brother were aware of or had any involvement in Ms Caddick’s actions not that Mr Koletti had anything to do with her disappearance and presumed death.

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