Midlife Job Search: Five midlife job search mistakes that you need to avoid

Midlife Job Search: Five midlife job search mistakes that you need to avoid

Searching for a job at any age can be daunting. If you are a midlifer, the tactics for searching and applying for a suitable job profile might have changed. Hence, along with the understanding of what you should do while searching for a job, it is good to be aware of some potential mistakes that can be avoided.

Here we have compiled a list of 5 midlife job search mistakes:

1) Using outdated resume formats – A black-and-white resume in Times New Roman with no visuals is not a sign of the times. These days, a resume written in Calibri with coloured lines helps seek attention in an appropriate manner. In addition, emphasise on what you achieved during the last 15-20 years of your career and how it has shaped you as a professional. It is good to show specifics. Instead of talking about your contributions using words like “increased sales”, “mitigated financial risks”, “reduced costs” and “generated profits”, share specific and realistic numbers. Lastly, make sure that your resume aligns with ATS (application tracking software) to reduce chances of machine errors.
Never: Use overused business jargons or generic statements in your resume.

2) Not embracing professional networking sitesA lot of companies and employers are on professional networking platforms like LinkedIn these days. They use this platform to find potential candidates for multiple roles. Especially for midlife jobseekers, these platforms do more than just listing jobs – they are incredible tools for expanding your network and reconnecting with your colleagues and mentors. Using LinkedIn InMail to connect with industry experts can help get a strong start.
Never: Operate your LinkedIn profile without your recent profile picture.

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3) Considering age as a barrier – To fight possible instances where you encounter ageism in the employment sector, you must highlight the amount of experience and wisdom that comes with your age during your interviews and in your resume. In addition, express how you are capable of embracing flexibility, collaboration, adaptability and technology. This eagerness to stay relevant in the present landscape will surely be appreciated.
Never: Underestimate the value you bring to the table.4) Rigidity on salary – If you are someone planning to change your profile or enter a new field, chances are that the employers might not meet your salary expectations. In such a case, it’s important to understand what really matters to you. Once the priorities are clear, it’s time to do a little bit of research about the company and the industry to negotiate a decent pay.
Never: Display inflexibility regarding pay while looking for jobs.

5) Not okay with gig or project-based jobs – In the present economy, many companies are looking to hire talented and skilled employees on a temporary and contractual basis. If that works for you, you should not only market your skills and strengths for full-time positions, but also for short-term roles. And who knows, these temporary opportunities might open doors for permanent positions within the same organisation.
Never: Shut yourself to any opportunity – whether temporary or permanent.

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