Most romantic cities for cycling let lovers spend quality time together | Travel News | Travel

Most romantic cities for cycling let lovers spend quality time together | Travel News | Travel

With just around the corner the e-bike company Swytch has shared the for couples to go cycling in.

According to a recent YouGov study, 30 percent of Brits believe that spending quality time with their partner is their main way of expressing love.

As such, the company recommended that taking a could be one of the most romantic holidays.

Known as , there are more than 1,000km (620 miles) of bicycle routes in the capital of , giving visitors the opportunity to get up close to the Eiffel Tower and Champs Elysees.

A trip to Paris also gives couples the opportunity to take a break from the bikes to sample some of the local cuisine or admire some of the country’s finest artwork in the Louvre.

For partners looking for some Spanish sunshine this winter, Sytch also suggested a cycling holiday in Seville.

Whilst the company noted that a number of major cities in Spain are not particularly bicycle-friendly, Seville has plenty of bike paths to keep cyclists safe.

Visitors can also admire the city’s beautiful squares or taste the wide variety of authentic tapas at one of the many restaurants.

However, the company noted that a city that was built with romantic cyclists in mind is Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

According to Sytch, the city has 340 miles of bike lanes, with many experts stating that the best way to see the sights is on two wheels.

In the picturesque Old Town, tourists are also able to rent a bicycle for as little as 80 Krone (£9) for 12 hours, making it an affordable break.

Nevertheless, Sytch reminded couples that they do not need to go abroad for a pleasant cycling holiday, with a trip to London having something for all partners.

Whilst few commonly think of the UK’s capital as a romantic city, there are still plenty of spaces where couples can take in the sights, including Hyde Park and Buckingham Palace.

Cyclists can keep safe from other vehicles too, with the city featuring around 560 miles of bike lanes and counting.

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