Motorola Starts Working On A Smartphone With Rollable Screen

Motorola Starts Working On A Smartphone With Rollable Screen

We’ve already seen quite a few foldable smartphones in the market. Samsung and Motorola have the traction, and now the latter wants to innovate further and launch a smartphone with a rollable screen. The device is reportedly in its early stages and gets codenamed Felix internally.

The rollable display is still very early in its evolution, and we have mostly seen it used for televisions. LG has shown its potential and power on the big screen, while Oppo showcased its own concept device with a rollable design called the Oppo X 2021. As for Motorola’s focus on this form factor, the device opens up vertically so that you get a taller screen and not wider, which will be hard to accommodate and fit inside the module.

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Motorola is looking to make this device compact, so its overall size could be that of the Razr flip smartphone that has launched in multiple iterations to date. And with Google looking to integrate other form factors into the development of Android in the future, expect such devices to go through intensive testing before they roll out into the market.

The details about the rollable device are very limited for now. So, we can’t even say for certain that Motorola will bring the device to the final production stage, once it passes all the durability tests.

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Either way, the smartphone market could definitely use some new ideas, and it is good to see Motorola enter the unchartered territory and try its luck in the rollable arena. The company is likely to use LG for the screen, and maybe look to innovate on the design front so that it can actually become a reality in the coming years.

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And it goes without saying that the rollable phone will indeed carry a hefty price tag in its early phase in the market.

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