Namibia’s hospitality industry exhibits resilience in October

Namibia’s hospitality industry exhibits resilience in October

WINDHOEK, Nov. 21 (Xinhua) — Namibia’s hospitality industry maintained a consistent national occupancy rate of 65.5 percent in October, similar to September’s numbers, according to a recent analysis by research and investment firm, Simonis Storm (SSS).

According to a report released on Tuesday, the occupancy rate of accommodation establishments increased to 59.2 percent from 54.6 percent recorded in October 2022.

Additionally, the Hospitality Association of Namibia said that leisure travel has been a significant contributor to the occupancy rates in these establishments.

During October, 89.6 percent of the occupancy was attributed to leisure travelers, while business travelers accounted for 9.9 percent. However, conference travelers made up only 0.4 percent of occupancy, down from 1.2 percent in September.

The coastal region had the highest occupancy rate in October 2023, reaching 71.9 percent, a significant milestone as it surpassed 70 percent for the first time since October 2018. The Northern region also sustained a strong rate of 69.2 percent for two consecutive months.

Comparatively, the southern and central regions recorded lower rates of 62.1 percent and 60.8 percent, respectively. These statistics, noted by the SSS, highlight the variations in tourism demand across different regions, with the coastal and northern areas being favored destinations among tourists in October 2023.

According to the SSS, the majority of guests at hospitality establishments across Namibia mainly came from Europe, with Germany, Switzerland and Austria together constituting the largest share of international tourist arrivals at 42.3 percent.

The SSS said the Namibian tourism sector is crucial for the country’s economy, as it forms significant ties with other industries and plays a vital role in job creation.

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