‘Natural remedy’ removes deep-rooted and persistent weeds from patios

‘Natural remedy’ removes deep-rooted and persistent weeds from patios

Garden weeds can make patios and paving look unsightly, even if the rest of the garden is neat and tidy.

Removing weeds from patios, paving, gravel and driveways often involves getting down on your knees and removing them by hand.

However, Jamie Shipley, a gardening expert and managing director at Hedges Direct has shared a simpler method for removing weeds from patios and paving.

He said: “Once your gravel has been down for a while and if the soil beneath is moist enough, along with a lot of sunlight, this is the perfect conditions for weeds beginning to make their way through.

“My viewpoint on removing weeds would be that rather than using chemicals and potentially negatively affecting the soil biodiversity, the most ecologically friendly approach, where possible, is to take weeds out by hand and put them in the green waste bin.

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“Once weeded you can put a mulch or bark chippings down which helps retain the moisture and nutrients in the soil but also keeps light out which helps to suppress future weed growth.”

Removing weeds becomes more challenging in paved and gravel areas, according to the experts.

If you’re removing weeds by hand, the trick is to remove each weed in its entirety which includes the root.

Hold the weed from the stem and remove the whole plant from the system to ensure it’s all out and doesn’t grow back.

Removing and controlling weeds should be done throughout the year, however, it’s best to do this in early spring.

Banishing weeds in early spring prevents them from growing and thriving in the warmer months.

For removing deep-rooted and persistent weeds, gardeners should consider using a homemade weed killer.

Jamie continued: “Deep-rooted and persistent weeds can be difficult to kill, so that’s when you’ll need to resort to a weed killer.

“Instead of using a chemical weed killer, there are some more natural remedies to try.

“Lemon, vinegar or rock salt can be used to dry weeds out and kill them through dehydration.

“Bear in mind, this technique will stop anything from growing in that space for a long time, which in terms of your gravel is a good thing.

“But make sure to keep the salt, or other organic substance, well away from any flower beds in your garden. I recommend only using these methods in paved areas to protect your other plants.”

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