Navigating the layoff season: 5 tips for freshers on the job hunt

Navigating the layoff season: 5 tips for freshers on the job hunt

As of September 30, 2023, Indian startups have laid off over 13,000 workers, resembling the total layoffs witnessed in 2022. The challenging layoff season can be intimidating for newcomers entering the workforce, but it also presents opportunities for those armed with the right strategies.

TeamLease EdTech shares some key pointers to kickstart your job hunt:

Maintain a Positive Attitude: Job hunting can be tough, but maintaining a positive outlook is crucial. Reports indicate that there is intent to hire across various categories. In particular, hiring intent for freshers during July-December 2023 saw a 3% increase compared to the previous half-year, reaching 65%. Stick to a routine, take care of yourself, and seek guidance from mentors or career counselors.

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Explore Freelance and Internship Roles: Freelance and internship positions offer valuable experience and an entry point into the industry. They also allow you to showcase your skills to potential employers. According to a career outlook report, e-commerce and technology start-ups, telecommunications, and engineering and infrastructure are the top three sectors looking to hire freshers in the current half-year.

Optimize Your Resume: Ensure your resume highlights your achievements, experiences, and skills. The most sought-after skills for freshers, according to reports, include cloud computing, SEO, blockchain, subject matter expertise, and data analysis.

Skill Enhancement: In a competitive job market, upskilling is essential. Identify the skills in demand in your field and invest in online courses or seminars to expand your knowledge. Popular in-demand courses include Data Science with R Certification, AI and Machine Learning, Blockchain, Project Management, Digital Marketing, Business Communication, Soft Skills, and Web Programming.

Leverage Your Network: Networking remains a highly effective strategy for job seekers. Participate in webinars, online job fairs, and professional networking platforms like LinkedIn.Fresh job seekers can proactively approach their job search during this layoff season by honing their skills, leveraging their networks, and maintaining resilience. Implementing these strategies can enhance their chances of securing fulfilling employment in a competitive job market.

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