NSW 80 per cent vaccination freedoms: Travel from Sydney to regions to be delayed under new version of roadmap

Fully jabbed NSW residents are set to get a range of new freedoms on Monday – but one major limitation will remain after a crisis cabinet backflip.

NSW residents will be able to stand up with schooners in hand at the pub and 20 people will be allowed in homes from Monday, assuming the double vaccination rate hits 80 per cent on Sunday as projected.

But there will be one promised freedom that won’t happen on Monday: travel from greater Sydney to regional NSW.

It’s understood the state government’s crisis cabinet met on Thursday and resolved to push back regional travel to a later date.

Allowing city people to make bush trips was promised by the 70 per cent double vaccination milestone, later pushed back to 80 per cent – and now it will be delayed again, putting off family reunions and holidays.

It’s understood the crisis cabinet wanted to postpone regional travel to allow regions with lagging vaccination uptake to catch up.

However, it’s expected the rest of the 80 per cent roadmap will start applying by Monday if NSW residents keep getting jabbed at the current rate.

That would mean people who have had two doses of a vaccine will have the following freedoms from then:


Groups of 20 people will be allowed to gather in homes, excluding children, and up to 50 people can congregate outdoors.

Ticketed events will be able to hold up to 3000 people in outdoor and controlled settings, kickstarting the state’s arts and music industry.

Up to 5000 people will be able to attend sporting events and community sports are also back on.


Masks will remain mandatory indoors except for in offices, a change introduced by new Premier Dominic Perrottet as an incentive to get people back at work.


Drinking while standing up in a pub will be allowed but all venues will have density limits.

The 20 person limit on bookings will remain.

Nightclubs can reopen but dancing is not permitted.


Hairdressers are already open but the density limits will no longer apply once the state hits 80 per cent.


There will be no limit on the number of people allowed to attend weddings and funerals, but all guests must be fully vaccinated.


All students will return to on-site learning by October 25, so long as the school has CovidSafe measures in place.

Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 12 students will return to face-to-face learning a week earlier.

More freedoms will be granted on December 1 and will also apply to unvaccinated residents.

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