Omaha company fires employee for behavior on plane | Local News

Omaha company fires employee for behavior on plane | Local News

“She told us that she asked some people to put their masks on, and someone called her the N-word,” Austin said.

Houghton’s statement did not directly address the use of a racial slur, but did say he shared “the frustration, disgust and concern that many have expressed in the wake of this incident.”

“This behavior does not reflect our values we hold as a company,” Houghton said.

In the Monday incident, the plane, which had begun to taxi for takeoff, returned to the gate, Austin said, and everyone on board was told to get off. After airport police investigated, she said, “noticeably fewer people” from the Buildertrend group got back on the plane.

Austin said someone from Delta then came onto the plane to talk to the flight attendant, who was upset because two of the four people who she said had been causing problems earlier were back on the plane. Austin said the flight attendant told the Delta official that she did not want to fly with those two on the plane, so they were escorted off.

Delta Flight 5593 originally was scheduled to take off at 1:10 p.m., but issues with the weather and the passengers delayed the flight until 3:40 p.m.

According to Eppley Police Chief Tim Conahan, Delta officials told airport police that the group wasn’t complying with mask rules and regulations. Members of the group — who Conahan said may have been intoxicated — became loud and vocal. He said one flight attendant told officials that she thought one of the passengers had used a racial slur toward her.

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