Optical illusion is ‘accurate’ at showcasing who is more kind-hearted or hardworking

Optical illusion is ‘accurate’ at showcasing who is more kind-hearted or hardworking

A fun optical illusion is able to test your fortune and reveal what kind of person your loved ones see you as.

All you have to do is stare at this beautiful painting and determine if you see a woman picking apples in the countryside or if you see a face.

Whichever you see first should show if you are a very helpful and kind person or if you are more of a hardworking person who is likely to do well in life.

This brainteaser was first shared by the optical illusion specialist Mia Yilin, who has exploded in popularity on the internet due to her psychological pictures which promise to read your personality.

In Mia’s comment section, one user said: “This is like fortune telling, it was true for me” while someone else commented: “Wow I think this is accurate!”

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If you first saw countryside scenery with a woman picking apples, then you are a very honest and helpful person. Those around you admire you for how reliable you are when it comes to your loved ones.

You are someone who always keeps your promises no matter what, which is why you have lots of friends. You are someone who is seen as very responsible and are likely the advice-giver in your friend group due to your wise nature.

Mia said: “You’re very intelligent and people often turn to you for solutions and guidance in challenging situations. “

If you first saw a woman’s face, then for are a very hardworking person who is admired for their work ethic and being able to rise to any occasion. You always have something interesting to talk about as you are constantly learning new things and looking for ways to improve your life.

You are someone who knows what you want in life and has a very clear plan on how to get it. Your loved ones admire your determination, and you are likely seen as an inspiration in your friend group due to your driven nature.

Mia said: “The next month is going to be incredible for you. You have clear goals and work insanely hard for them so it’s about time you get rewarded.”

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