Pakistan PM comes in defence of Army Chief; gives ultimatum of 72 hours to arrest violent protestors

Pakistan PM comes in defence of Army Chief; gives ultimatum of 72 hours to arrest violent protestors

Pakistan PM comes in defence of Army Chief Munir
Image Source : AP Pakistan PM comes in defence of Army Chief Munir

Pakistan chaos: Amid the chaotic situation in Pakistan, incumbent Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has again lambasted his predecessor Imran Khan for cursing the military chief for his ouster and the assassination attempt last year.

In a tweet, Sharif advocated for Army Chief General Asim Munir and asserted Khan has been criticising him personally as he unearthed the corruption syndicate run by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

The Prime Minister called the allegations levelled by Khan on COAS, a reflection of his “diseased” and “obsessive mindset”, and accused PTI of the current situation of the country. 

 “Imran Niazi’s statement about the Army Chief is a reflection of his diseased & obsessive mindset. As DG ISI, Gen Asim Munir unearthed the corruption syndicate of Niazi & which is why he has been maligning the COAS from day one. It is also his admission of masterminding the tragic and disgraceful incidents of terrorism undertaken by PTI goons at his behest,” Khan said in a tweet on Saturday.

Notably, Sharif’s statement came nearly 18 hours after a high court in Islamabad granted broad protection from arrest in multiple legal cases against him. The ruling struck a blow to the government in a stand-off that has sparked days of rioting by Khan’s followers and raised the spectre of widespread unrest in the country.

“The desecration of the martyrs’ monuments & attack on the national installations represents an unimaginable low in our politics. The nation stands behind its armed forces & will thwart any nefarious attempts at undermining them,” added the Prime Minister.

Sharif gives ultimatum

Besides, PM Sharif also gave an ultimatum to the security agencies to arrest all the people involved in the arson of public and private properties since the day Khan was arrested. He directed the officials to use all technological aid and intelligence to gather information about those involved in the ransacking of properties. Sharif asserted that the trials of the arrested people will be run in the anti-terrorism courts. 

“I have given law enforcement apparatus a target of 72 hours to arrest all those involved in facilitating, abetting and perpetrating the disgraceful incidents of arson, ransacking, sabotage & damaging public & private properties,” said PM Sharif.

“All available resources including technological aid & intelligence are being deployed to chase down these elements. Bringing these people to justice is a test case for the government. Their cases will be tried by the anti-terrorism courts,” he added.

Pakistan dramatic situation

It is worth mentioning Khan was arrested on May 9 when he was inside the Islamabad High Court. He was dragged by the paramilitary Rangers, which the PTI claimed was a deliberate attempt to “abduct” and “kill” the former Prime Minister.

The response from Khan’s followers was swift. Protesters clashed with police, burned vehicles and looted shops in various parts of the country. Mobs attacked the headquarters of the military in Rawalpindi and ransacked and burned the residence of a top general in Lahore, Pakistan’s second-largest city, along with attacks on other military and government buildings.

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