‘Pakistan’s situation is even worst than 1971 war’: Imran Khan claims PM Shehbaz plans to ban PTI I VIDEO

‘Pakistan’s situation is even worst than 1971 war’: Imran Khan claims PM Shehbaz plans to ban PTI I VIDEO

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Lahore: Amid the political chaos in Pakistan, former Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday came with another claim that he dubbed as fresh revelations, wherein he contended that the arson of public properties was done by the security agencies on the pretext of justifying the crackdown.

Khan, who was granted bail after being dragged “brutally” from the Islamabad High Court on May 9, in a video message on Twitter, argued that the supporters of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) were not linked to the recent arson. He claimed that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif-led government did it deliberately in order to put the blame on PTI.

According to PTI Chief, the crackdown was done “deliberately” in order to ban his political party by imposing terrorism charges on him and his supporters.

Condition is even worst than in 1971

Further, in the video, Khan claimed that he has an ample amount of evidence and he would put forth when it was necessary.

“We have ample amount of evidence to present to any independent inquiry that the arson and in some places shootings were done by agencies men who wanted to cause mayhem and blame it on PTI so the current crackdown would be justified,” said Khan in the video.

The former Prime Minister said he had a clear memory of what had happened during the partition of eastern Pakistan, which is now an independent nation- Bangladesh. According to him, the situation was even worst than what happened in 1971. 

Notably, PM Sharif, during his last address to the nation, gave an ultimatum to the security agencies to arrest all the people involved in the arson of public and private properties since the day Khan was arrested. He directed the officials to use all technological aid and intelligence to gather information about those involved in the ransacking of properties. Sharif asserted that the trials of the arrested people will be run in the anti-terrorism courts. 

Pakistan dramatic situation

It is worth mentioning Khan was arrested on May 9 when he was inside the Islamabad High Court. He was dragged by the paramilitary Rangers, which the PTI claimed was a deliberate attempt to “abduct” and “kill” the former Prime Minister.

The response from Khan’s followers was swift. Protesters clashed with police, burned vehicles and looted shops in various parts of the country. Mobs attacked the headquarters of the military in Rawalpindi and ransacked and burned the residence of a top general in Lahore, Pakistan’s second-largest city, along with attacks on other military and government buildings.

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