Passengers should ‘avoid’ most popular drink on plane -increases ‘chances of becoming ill’ | Travel News | Travel

Passengers should ‘avoid’ most popular drink on plane -increases ‘chances of becoming ill’ | Travel News | Travel

Is it safe to drink coffee on a plane?

Many flight attendants recommend staying away from coffee or tea, which are the most popular drinks on board, as all the water used on the plane comes from the same tank. The travel expert commented: “Drinking coffee and tea on a plane could make you ill, however, there’s currently not much scientific evidence to directly back that up.

“However, the risk of DVT can increase through dehydration, with caffeinated drinks increasing your chances of becoming dehydrated. Just remember to keep drinking water to avoid this,” they recommended.

Is it illegal to have sex on a plane?

Due to the nature of air travel, it is all down to the laws of the country to which the plane is registered, the experts revealed. In UK law, for example, “it’s illegal to have sex in a bathroom or toilet to which the public has access,” they explained. “Maybe wait until you’ve checked into your hotel room… for everyone’s sake!”

Can you bring sex toys on a plane?

The experts revealed: “Yes, people are asking this, and yes, you can take sex toys on a plane. However, if you’re looking to avoid any embarrassment when going through security, it might be worth tucking them away in your hold luggage!”

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Sex toy expert Olivia Hartt agreed but warned that passengers should be “prepared to face security and answer questions about what the item is”.

“Also, make sure sex toys aren’t illegal in the country or region you’re travelling to. A quick Google search should let you know fairly quickly,” she suggested.

If the toy is battery-operated or rechargeable, passengers should remove the batteries to prevent it from turning on unexpectedly on the flight and she recommended always packing them in the checked-in bags.

A flight attendant shared the procedure that the cabin crew have to follow if they find a vibrating item on the plane: “It used to be that you had to open the bag in the presence of the passenger, at least for the regional airline I worked for.


“The first time it happened to me, I was a bit titillated, having heard stories from my co-workers. I got the name off the bag tag, went into the gate area and found her; a very large woman in her mid-50s, by my guess.

“Her face paled when I quietly explained that her bag was vibrating and that I would have to open it to resolve any security concerns, and would she please accompany me to the ramp area to witness.

“I opened her bag (she was in front of the wing, I was behind it but in view of her), and lifted the top layer of clothes to find the most elaborate dildo my young eyes had ever beheld… The few times I had a vibrating bag after that, I silently prayed for an electric toothbrush.”

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Why do fingernails grow faster on holiday?

The experts explained that fingernails grow faster because they rely on vitamin D to grow, so when people are on holiday and spend more time in the sun, their nails grow faster.

“It’s the same reason you may notice yourself cutting them less in the winter. Just remember to pack your clippers!” they recommended.

Can airport scanners see tampons?

Airport scanners can see through clothes, however, “they do not show an anatomically correct image,” the experts revealed. This means that the security officer wouldn’t be able to see an item such as a tampon going through the scanner.

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