Photos show 100 dogs living in ‘hazardous’ home in alleged cruelty case – ‘My heart aches’

Photos show 100 dogs living in ‘hazardous’ home in alleged cruelty case – ‘My heart aches’

Nearly one hundred dogs and puppies have been rescued in a massive alleged case of animal cruelty, as litters of puppies and distressed dogs were discovered at a local residence. 

On Tuesday morning , local authorities in Hertford County, North Carolina served a search and seizure warrant on a mobile home with features several outdoor pens

Members of the local community had raised concerns about the welfare of the dogs after residents reported buying sick puppies. 

Responders at the scene have reported that the conditions were filthy, they would smell faeces and the dogs living in the residence were “living in unsanitary, hazardous conditions typically seen in severe neglect situations.”

Animal resucer have reported seeing multiple litters of nursing puppies, a mother dog with newborns crated inside a cage in the residence and some dogs appearing to be very thin, with some having open sores on their skin.

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The Humane Society was called to help care for the dogs, and it has been reported that all the animals rescued are now safe and receiving veterinary care. 

Gail Thomssen, North Carolina state director for the Humane Society, said: “My heart aches for the mother dogs who have had no choice but to give birth in these sickening, unsafe conditions—this is no place for a puppy,

“We are deeply grateful to the Hertford County Sheriff’s Office for reaching out to us and helping these dogs get a better life.”

In footage released by the Humane Society, some dogs could be seen howling and appeared upset, but rescuers could be seen comforting the dog and clapping them. 

One rescuer could be heard saying that one dog “could not be any sweeter if he tried” as they handed what appeared to be a golden retriever to be examined. 

Sheriff Dexter Hayes said his department said local residents had been greatly concerned over the welfare of the dog. 

He said: “We’re here today in Hertford Country North Carolina executing a search warrant on possible animal cruelty. 

“We received several complaints from this residence about malnutritioned dogs.…people buying dogs stating that the dogs are underweight, under health and have been mistreated.” 

Sheriff Hayes explained: that the police department reached out to the Humane Society to “ensure no dogs were being mistreated and that the subject who lives here is held accountable for his actions.”

He added: “Today has been a great day. Our citizens that live in this area are thankful and very happy that a resolution has come…the job that the Humane Society and the  Hertford Country Sheriff office, myself and my deputies have done today, has been a great deed for dog welfare and to keep our citizens happy in the place they live.” 

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