Plane passenger sparks heated debate as child seen using ‘seats as his own personal gym’ | Travel News | Travel

Plane passenger sparks heated debate as child seen using ‘seats as his own personal gym’ | Travel News | Travel

Flying with children can be stressful for both the parents and fellow passengers. One passenger, however, was left furious when a child on their flight was “running up and down the aisle and using the seats as his own personal jungle gym”. 

Taking to Reddit with a photograph of the child lying across the top of two seats, the post caused a heated debate. 

Some questioned the flight attendants and why they didn’t “put a stop” to the child’s behaviour, with one citing the position the child was lying in was “unsafe”, especially “since the seatbelt sign was on”. 

Another wondered: “Why would cabin crew allow this? One unexpected bout of turbulence and that child is going to be flung against the ceiling and dropped down again – possibly with a concussion or broken bones.”

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Others spoke about similar situations they witnessed: “[I] had a flight where a kid was crawling around under everyone seats, parents don’t care – neither did flight attendants for some reason. Happening even when the plane was landing and everyone had to be seated.” 

Another said: “I was on five-ish hour flight with a couple of friends years ago. One of my friends bought a meat and cheese plate.

“A kid, I’d guess about six or seven, in a seat in front of us, tried reaching his foot through the crack in between the seats so he could drag the plate close enough that he could reach it with his hands and steal it.

“All his mum said was ‘I guess you’re hungry’ and ordered him the same thing. No scolding the child, or apologising to us, or any acknowledgement beyond ‘he’s hungry’.” 

Several went on to discuss having adult-only flights and paying a premium to fly without children. 

One said: “I would pay a little extra to be on a baby/child free flight. Nobody under age 10.” 

“This is why they should have flights for families only. They had them, they can deal with it,” another suggested. 

“I have proposed the same idea, including the pay extra bit,” a third chimed. “I said I’m not trying to stop kids flying, just have one smaller plane where the cutoff age is 12.” 

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