Planning your Beach Holiday  

Let’s be honest! Even though a trip to the beach looks good in 1 out of 10 photos, the rest of the trip is all about putting up with the glaring sun, intrusive sand, and water, “water everywhere but not a drop to drink.”  

But believe it or not, there is a great way to make your beach vacation a roaring success that the family will want to repeat again and again. Here is how to go to the beach like a aquatic professional, and leave the beach soothed and relaxed with nothing but good pictures and many fond memories.  

1. Choose the right beach vacation destination for you 

There are all types of beaches, but the right beach for you to relax, enjoy the weather, and get in some swimming, is to find the best beach for you. There are pebble beaches, black sand, rocky shorelines, and beaches with broad expanses of sand and sea. The right beach for your trip will be the one that allows you to do the most of what you want to do.  

For example, UK holiday goers are fond of Blackpool breaks. It’s got a historical importance in the British psyche. However, going abroad provides good weather all year round. Croatia has perfect beach and swimming weather from January, while the pristine shorelines of Goa are best reserved for June and July. There are many other factors to consider as well, such as the proximity to accommodations, amenities, and other points of interest.  

2. Perfect your beachwear 

A bikini is a great idea for sunbathing. But if you will be tackling other beach activities, or getting in the water with especially powerful waves, you may want to think of something a little more stable.  

There are all types of additional swimming tops that you can place on top of what you are already wearing to protect the skin from the elements. Even t-shirts can be repurposed in many different ways to make a good defense against sunburn.   

Also, consider your feet! The sand may feel great between your toes, but there are hidden objects that can cut, scrape, and poke. Flip flops, jelly shoes, and beach shoes are a great idea for exploring coarse shorelines and rocky beaches. 

3. Take the right lotions & potions 

The sun is the ultimate killer of beach fun. If you don’t plan to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun, you can expect serious consequences. The closer you get to the equator, the stronger the rays of the sun can be felt. This means you will need to increase the SPF of your creams and lotions accordingly — apply these at regular intervals to avoid burning.  

Sandflies, mosquitos, and other biting insects can also be a problem, so make sure you apply plenty of insect repellent especially if you will be on the beach during the late afternoon.   

And now for a fascinating trick, you may have never considered. Have you ever been frustrated by the issue of sand sticking to the skin as you try to leave the beach and get into your car? Try brushing this off with a small amount of talc powder. It works by absorbing the moisture and allowing the grains of sand to fall off their own accord. 

4. Set up a sand-free camp 

The basis of a good beach camp is the sand-free mat. This features an ingenious design that collects sand from the top and pushes it out the sides. It also has a protective bottom that prevents sand from coming up from below.   

5. Secure some shade 

Whether you will be traveling with children or not, it is always nice to secure a corner of the beach where you can enjoy plenty of shade while resting. Aside from the fact that reading a book in the bright sunlight can be very difficult, shade also allows for comfort if you decide to take a nap.  

You could even bring a tent with you if you would like extra solar protection and an escape from the heat of the sun.   

6. Set the scene 

Now that your camp is taking some form, it is a good idea to set the scene with some personal effects. You can play your favorite tunes on a set of waterproof speakers. We think this option from Wonder boom works perfectly.  

You can even include a handy beach BBQ pit. Just be sure and start fires responsibly out on the beach.     

7. Waterproof like a pro 
There is nothing worse than being right at the edge of the sea and realizing you can’t get in the water because you will get your shoes, books, mobile device, or other belongings. But you won’t have to worry about any of that as soon as you have your Osprey Dry Bag with you. This awesome beach dry bag allows you to store your belongings safely from sand and water and is available in a wide variety of different colors and sizes. 

A waterproof phone case is another very nice option that can allow you some great pictures of your beach adventure. We recommend this option from Aquapac. If you have the waterproof equipment, you can even use the Go Pro to record your adventures.

Author: Shirley