Prince Harry’s ‘funniest moment’ according to body language expert | Royal | News

Prince Harry’s ‘funniest moment’ according to body language expert | Royal | News

Prince Harry is known for being a funny royal, and has made his family – and the public – laugh on many occasions.

From cheating during his running race with Usain Bolt to pretending to stick his head inside a shark mascot’s mouth, the Duke is known to have a sense of humour.

But while there have been many funny moments from Prince Harry, body langauge expert Judi James believes there is one that stands out.

She said that Harry’s funniest moment was at a sporting event in 2017.

Judi told “This moment came during the Invictus Games in 2017 when Harry was sitting with one of the athletes and his family.

“Harry used to be known for his sense of humour and fun but this whole sequence is like a comedy clip where Harry’s perfect sense of timing, bluffing and face-pulling makes it comedy gold.”

Adorable two-year-old Emily, daughter of paralympian dad Dave Henson, sat on her mum Hayley’s lap as they watched the Seated Volleyball at the Invictus Games. They were sat next to Prince Harry.

Sweet little Emily started to help herself to the Prince’s popcorn, prompting a very funny response from the royal.

Judi explained: “At first he pretends to not notice that the little two-year-old is taking handfuls of popcorn from his bucket as he chats to someone on his other side.

“We immediately begin to side with the little girl, wondering if Harry has seen her or how long it will be before he does.

“Then when he turns he plays a game all children will recognise where he offers her popcorn before taking it away just as she reaches out for it.

“Probably the funniest moment comes when, much to the little girl’s shock and indignation, he offers her a piece before taking it away and popping it quickly in his own mouth.

“He gives her some more to show he’s only joking but the faces he pulls after that are totally hilarious.”

Prince Harry was not yet a dad in 2017 but has since had two children with – Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet. He is likely a hilarious joker with them too.

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