Princess Charlotte’s ‘best type of uncle and auntie’ – not Meghan Markle or Prince Harry

Princess Charlotte’s ‘best type of uncle and auntie’ – not Meghan Markle or Prince Harry

The Countess could be seen marvelling over the seven-year-old Princess Charlotte.

What was their body language like as an extended family?

Judi James, a professional body language expert, spoke exclusively to to explain, and even said that Charlotte has the “best type of uncle and auntie” in Sophie and Edward, not her actual aunt and uncle, i.e., Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Judi said: “Edward, Sophie and their children look like such a warm, welcoming and fun group with their body language.

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“As Kate, William and Charlotte arrive to take their seats in front, Sophie and Edward are defined as the best type of uncle and auntie, going out of their way to make the Cambridges know they are surrounded by fond family members.

“Sophie’s welcome to little Charlotte is to lean right forward to get as close to her height as possible to create rapport rather than sitting upright and smiling down on her.

“She looks totally engaged with Charlotte here.

“Her dimpled smile and eye-gaze signal she’s delighted to be seeing her again,” the expert suggested.


Judi opined: “Sophie not only performs what is called an ‘act of inconvenience’ by leaning low to welcome Charlotte, but she also sends signals of similar effort greeting William.

“Holding her right arm out in a mimed hug that may or may not become a full hug, she goes out of her way with her own pose to register affection for her nephew here.”

Princess Charlotte was adorable as she pulled different faces during the Games.

This was a special treat for the Princess, as she missed out on the Euro 2022 Women’s Final on Sunday.

The young Princess wore a Rachel Riley black and white dress.

The dress retailed for just £39.

Meanwhile, Kate wore a jaw-dropping Alexander McQueen white suit.

The Duchess of Cambridge had previously worn this suit during her Caribbean royal tour.

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