Princess Margaret’s alleged morning routine was to die for

Princess Margaret’s alleged morning routine was to die for

was the younger sister of and was known for her style, sharp wit and love of socialising.

In his bestselling royal biography Ma’am Darling, author Craig Brown shared 99 Glimpses of Princess Margaret.

One such insight into the late Princess was her alleged morning routine, which appeared to be great fun.

The book combines interviews, diaries, announcements, lists, catalogues, essays, dreams, parallel lives and parodies, so the morning routine excerpt may be imagined. 

According to the biography, Princess Margaret started her day at 9am, leisurely enjoying breakfast in bed. 

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Rather than springing into action, she then spent two hours in bed listening to the radio and catching up on current affairs in the newspapers.

She would “invariably” leave these “scattered over the floor”, while she “chain-smoked”.

At 11am the Princess would hop in a bath run for her by her lady’s maid, followed by an hour’s soak.

Emerging from the bath she would have her hair and makeup done at her dressing-table, before getting dressed for the day.


Princess Margaret reportedly would not wear an item of clothing more than once before having it cleaned.

At 12:30pm the royal would enjoy her first tipple of the day, a vodka “pick-me-up”, taking half an hour for this.

Next on the agenda would be family time, most specifically a four-course lunch with the .

This would be “served in an informal manner from silver dishes”, and half a bottle of wine per person.

The royals would enjoy “fruit and half a dozen different varieties of native and Continental cheeses”. 

Royal fans went wild for the Princess’ morning routine, with @JenCarsonTaylor

Tweeting: “Oh, to be a Princess in that era and not just any Princess but daughter of a King, sister of a Queen. Long, deep sigh.”
@karaalyskennedy added: “Sounds like my perfect life, but nobody to clean my clothes or run my baths.” 

@ruthblunden commented that this was “the best thing” she had ever read. 

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