Queen Elizabeth travel: Monarch travelled the globe 42 times – ‘revolutionised’ her role | Travel News | Travel

Queen Elizabeth travel: Monarch travelled the globe 42 times – ‘revolutionised’ her role | Travel News | Travel

Queen Elizabeth II was no stranger to travel, heading up the Commonwealth and travelling to far-flung corners of the world to represent the UK. What is particularly impressive, though, is the number of times her travel spanned the entire planet during her travels.

Her Royal Highness took on these global missions as part of her role as Head of State, meeting with world leaders and citizens.

One travel expert calculated the exact number of times these special journeys equalled the entire circumference of the world over the years.

Speaking as part of the Channel 5 documentary Secrets of the Royal Flight, royal historian Kate Williams says it was travel which “revolutionised” the Queen’s role.

“Flight revolutionised Queen Elizabeth’s role,” she said.

“I calculated it, she’s been around the world 42 times. And that’s quite some air miles.”

Though the Monarch travelled by train, helicopter and automobile, it was the royal plane that first took her into the skies.

Introduced into the Royal Family by Edward VIII, the Royal Plane is estimated to have flown 12,000 flights a year by the 1980s.

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Having benefitted from the aeroplane her entire life, it is thanks to the Royal Family’s aircraft that Queen Elizabeth travelled so frequently from such an early age.

In fact, the Queen is the most widely travelled head of state in history.

According to the Channel 5 documentary, she touched down in 120 countries, thanks to her use of the Royal Plane alongside privately chartered aircraft.

One commercial airline which frequently served Queen Elizabeth, along with her family, is British Airways.

It was not unusual for Her Royal Highness to charter a BA flight for use of the Royal Family and their entourage.

When it came to the Monarch’s travel assistants, there were many.

In fact, around 34 people normally aided Queen Elizabeth on her journeys – ranging from hairdressers to doctors.

The Telegraph stated this includes: “Master of the Household department, to oversee catering and logistics, her private secretary and his deputy, a secretary for each of those secretaries, two secretaries for the Duke, two dressers, a hairdresser, a valet, two ladies-in-waiting, an equerry for military liaison, press officers, eight police bodyguards and the Foreign Secretary and his or her staff.”

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Her luxurious travel arrangements didn’t stop there.

In fact, Queen Elizabeth also had some much-loved snacks and beverages she would pack for flights too.

Speaking in Secrets of the Royal Flight former royal spokesperson Dickie Arbiter added: “The only thing the Queen requests to have wherever she is is Malvern Water.

“She likes Malvern water, it’s refreshing and they usually take lots of it with her.”

It is also reported that she was quite a fan of Fray Bentos tinned pies.

Former pilot of the royal plane Graham Laurie said: “Do you know, they used to love it.

“I think it’s such a lovely change from all that fancy food which comes first class!”

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