Reasons to love your favorite ice-cream during winters

Reasons to love your favorite ice-cream during winters

Living in a country like India, the winter season is something we all eagerly look forward to. Everyone loves to jump into their oversized cozy sweaters and snuggle back into bed with a warm cup of hot chocolate or coffee. While the obvious choice in the chill is a warm beverage, the thrill of eating an ice cream in this weather is quite underrated. Yes, you’ve heard it right and no, we are not joking – eating an ice-cream in this chilly weather has its own beautiful charm and let’s tell you why:
‘Happiness’ quotient
Did you know that ice creams help promote the natural release of both dopamine and serotonin, both of which are crucial mood boosters. Given that, winter days have the tendency to make you all dull and drab, ice creams can help elevate your mood and cheer you up.

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Cool twist on hot drinks
Winters are all about hot chocolate and hot coffee, we know. But have you ever tried giving the same old hot beverage a super cool twist? Add a scoop of ice cream to your hot cocoa or latte and feel the perfect mix of hot and cold make your day perfect!

Comfort food first
Dessert is the ultimate comfort food, no matter what the weather is outside. When you’re having a deep conversation with your family or friends, when you’re binge watching your current favorite show, nothing makes you feel warm and fuzzy like a scoop of ice cream or a sundae. Let’s be honest…if the mood and setting calls for ice cream, who cares whether the weather is hot or cold?

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YOLO vibes
There’s some inexplicable thrill in eating freezing cold ice cream when it’s freezing cold outdoors. Right?! That thrill alone is a reason to indulge in dessert all winter long. Plus, bonus point – research suggests that breaking down of the ingredients of the ice cream into usable blocks of energy actually creates heat in the body. So why worry – just enjoy your ice cream because it can actually keep you warm.

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Who says we’re just cool?
Yeah yeah, ice cream is cool, but we’re crazy hot, too. Pun absolutely intended. Ice-cream goes very well with all kinds of hot desserts. You only have to try a scoop of ice-cream over a warm brownie, hot waffle, chocolate lava cake or even hot gulab jamuns. Guess what, we at Baskin Robbins have you all covered

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