Recovered from COVID-19? Here Are Precautions You Must Take

At the end of isolation period or after getting discharged from hospital/covid care center many patients experience anxiety, weakness and persistent cough. There are many queries related to post covid recovery period. What kind of life style they need to maintain. What type of diet they need to follow? What precautions they need to practice? Here are some tips to get well soon.

  • Patient under home isolation can end isolation after at least 10 days have passed from onset of symptoms (or from date of sampling for asymptomatic cases) and no fever for 3 days. Criteria for discharge from the hospital are same. There is no need for testing after the home isolation period is over.
  • The daily check of oxygen saturation using pulse oximeter, it should be maintained at >94% in room air.
  • Patient must watch for persistence or worsening of cough and any difficulty in breathing.
  • The daily check of body temperature.
  • Watch out for signs of lethargy, drowsiness, and altered sensorium.
  • Regular monitoring of blood sugar in known diabetic patients. COVID infection (as any other infection) alters blood sugar levels of the body. Strict monitoring once in 3 days and regular consultation with your doctor is required.
  • Regular blood pressure monitoring in known hypertensive patients is required to avoid hypertension-related complications.
  • Take complete bed rest to reduce oxygen demand by the body. Do not exert yourself.
  • Increase intake of fluid in the form of water, coconut water, juices, soups and water containing fruits (Watermelon, muskmelon etc). Remember that better hydration leads to early recovery.
  • Consume protein rich food like milk, cottage cheese, peanuts, pulses, eggs, non-vegetarian etc.
  • Do breathing exercises, yoga and meditation to keep you calm and compose.
  • Do not exert more than required. More exertion will create more demand of oxygen. Take proper rest to decrease the oxygen demand.
  • Follow up consultation with the doctor within 7 days of discharge or as soon as if any symptoms like fever, intolerable cough or breathlessness happens.
  • Blood investigations like CBC at first follow up, and subsequent follow-ups, if advised by a physician.
  • Repeat CT scan of chest after three months to look at the extent of lung recovery post-infection, if advised by physician.

Disclaimer:The author, Dr. Niket Rai, MBBS, MD, Maulana Azad Medical College and Associated Lok Nayak Hospital, Delhi. Views expressed are personal

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