Remembering Yogendra Singh Yadav who Alone Killed 17 Pak Soldiers

Grenadier Yogendra Yadav from Meerut, a soldier who killed 17 Pakistani soldiers alone, was martyred in Kargil in the historic war of 1999. The courage and valour of the Indian Army soldier was such that it later went on to feature in Bollywood movie ‘LOC: Kargil’. Yadav’s character in the 2003 film was played by Ashutosh Rana.

“I’m fine, fighting has broken out in Kargil. I have to go to the mountains. We have left for there. Don’t lose heart. There is nothing to fear. I have the whole unit with me. I will come back after killing the enemies,” these were the last words of martyr grenadier Yogendra Singh Yadav, which he wrote in a letter to his family shortly before leaving for Kargil. A few days after the letter reached home, the news of Yadav’s martyrdom came.

The soldier was martyred on Tiger Hill after killing 17 enemy soldiers. For his indomitable courage and bravery, he was awarded the Sena Medal. Yadav hailed from Hastinapur, 40 km from Meerut.

The visibly emotional wife of Yadav told News18 that when her husband gave his life for the country, he was just twenty eight years old, while the kids were quiet young.

It was the month of June in the year 1999. Yadav was posted in Jammu at that time. When fighting broke out in Kargil, his battalion 18 Grenadier was ordered to reach Kargil.

Yogendra Singh also left along with the battalion. There was a problem in pushing the enemy back from Tiger Hill. Yogendra had a heavy infantry gun as well as a missile gun with him.

The enemy was sitting at an altitude of 18 thousand feet. Grenadier Yogendra Singh, along with his seven comrades, reached the point and destroyed the bunkers of Pakistani soldiers, killing 17 enemy soldiers. Grenadier Yogendra Singh Yadav was martyred in retaliatory firing by the enemy on the evening of July 5th 1999.

Grenadier Yogendra Singh Yadav had the passion to join the Army from the very beginning. When he failed in one recruitment, he started preparing again. He used to say that if you do a job, do it in the army. He also inspired his younger brother Mahipal Singh to get recruited in the Army.

The entire family of Yogendra Singh Yadav asked Mahipal to fulfill his wish. He is currently posted in 18 Grenadiers Delhi. As per the family members, when Yogendra was martyred, it was announced posthumously to give him Param Vir Chakra. But in his place, Subedar Yogendra Singh Yadav was given the Param Vir Chakra. Martyr Yogendra Singh was posthumously awarded the Sena Medal.

Martyr Yogendra Singh’s wife Urmila Devi said, “When Yogendra Ji was martyred, the kids were quite young. The last letter was sent during the battle. It was written that the war had started. But don’t panic. I will come back only after killing the enemies. But he didn’t return. Only his body came which was riddled with bullets.”

Apart from Grenadier Yogendra Singh Yadav, other martyrs from Meerut region who gave their life for the nation include Major Manoj Talwar, Lansanayak Satyapal Singh and Zubair Ahmed. The country will always be indebted to the brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives to save the country from enemies.

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