Resident Evil Maker Capcom Confirms Massive Data Theft in Recent Cyber Attack

Japanese game developer Capcom which is best known for titles like Resident Evil and Street Fighter have suffered a massive data breach that exposed the personal information of roughly 350,000 customers, current and former employees, and stakeholders. According to the company, personal information of customers such as name, address, and passport information have been breached while corporate data such as name, HR-related information, and confidential sales reports have also been exposed. Most of the data exposed due to the ransomware attack belonged to users and stakeholders residing in Japan and the North American region. The company added that credit card details and online transaction information that are not handled by Capcom are not at risk.

In a post published on its website Monday, Capcom says that the company shut down its systems on November 2 and began investigating the matter. “Because the overall number of potentially compromised data cannot specifically be ascertained due to issues including some logs having been lost as a result of the attack, Capcom has listed the maximum number of items it has determined to potentially have been affected at the present time,” the company explained. The post further claims that the attack was conducted by a criminal organisation namely, Ragnar Locker that has also demanded ransom money from the Japanese developer. Capcom has alerted police authorities and is working with a third-party security company to inspect system issues stemming from this incident.

The post adds that the company is also working closely with the US authorities to ensure users residing in the country do not face issues following the data breach. Capcom has urged users and stakeholders to be vigilant, especially with suspicious packages received over email or messages. It was also added that the tailor-made ransomware as was covered in some media reports – aimed specifically at the company to maliciously encrypt the information saved on its servers and delete its access logs. Capcom highlights that customers can now play the company’s games online and access their websites safely.

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