Rick Stein shares ‘comforting’ sponge pudding recipe

Rick Stein shares ‘comforting’ sponge pudding recipe

The main ingredients include the usual baking trio: sugar, eggs and flour; Rick Stein added sweet brown sugar and honey for his creation.

Many ingredients will be in the cupboards of somebody who has made at least one bake, so it’s fairly affordable to make and could mean you don’t have to go to the local store.

This is the perfect dessert recipe for a cosy evening indoors while the weather outside is wet, overcast and chilly – and it is a special treat.

Rick Stein’s steamed sponge pudding is likely to become a firm favourite in any household that has a bit of a sweet tooth and is a fan of desserts.

Ideal served with a refreshing dollop of Cornish ice cream, here’s how you can make Rick Stein’s steamed sponge pudding at home.

Rick Stein’s sponge pudding recipe

Serves: eight people


175g butter, softened and extra for greasing
175g light muscovado sugar
One tbsp honey
Three large eggs
175g self-raising flour
For the sauce:
50g butter
100g light muscovado sugar
150g honey
150ml double cream
Ice cream to serve.


Pudding basin
Steamer pan


Generously grease a one-litre pudding basin with butter to stop the bake from sticking to the pan once finished.

Cream the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy, beat in the honey, then beat in two eggs – one at a time. Add a spoonful of flour with the last third egg, then fold in the remaining flour.

Cover with a pleated sheet of greased foil and tie in place with string. Steam for two hours, in a steaming basket over a pan of boiling water with the lid on. Do top up the steamer with boiling water if required throughout the two-hour steam.

Making the butterscoth sauce

When the sponge pudding has nearly been steamed for two hours, it’s time to make the yummy butterscoth sauce.

Place all the sauce ingredients, aside from the cream, in a pan over low heat stirring until all the ingredients have melted and combined.

Stir in the double cream and keep warm while you check on the status of the sponge pudding in the steamer.

Rick Stein advised: “Uncover the pudding and carefully run a knife around the edge of the basin to loosen and cover with an inverted plate and turn out.”

Serve in wedges with the honey butterscotch and Cornish ice cream and more honey, to your liking.

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