Rod Stewart details ‘mean-spirited’ conversation with Chris Evans | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Rod Stewart details ‘mean-spirited’ conversation with Chris Evans | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Chris Evans spoke candidly with Sir Rod Stewart and opened up about an awkward conversation the pair shared as he detailed the moment with listeners on his radio show.

The DJ recalled an earlier time when the rocker, 78, was residing in Los Angeles and took the opportunity to gloat at him.

“Do you remember when you called me?” Chris asked.

A stunned Rod replied: “Did I?”

Chris went on: “It was early evening for you and you had just come off of the beach. You called me and I was on the way to work. I was on the A40 and I had just pulled in for a coffee.

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“You said to me, ‘Hello Chris. Is it cold, is it dark, is it raining? You poor sod. I’ve just come off the beach and its beautiful here.'”

Rod chuckled: “The mean-spirited sod I am.”

The Maggie May singer has since gushed over his love for Los Angeles and revealed the “American people have been very good to me” but he has decided to quit the US for the UK.

He declared: “There was a quote in the papers the other day and I must get it right, or ‘righten’ it, that said I thought LA was toxic.

“I don’t think it’s toxic at all, that didn’t come out of my mouth.”

Rod also told Chris that he and his wife Penny Lancaster, 52, had simply felt it was now “time to leave”.

The rock legend added that he now wants to live in the UK permanently and never stopped loving the country he grew up in.

He gushed: “Driving along today, there’s no place better on earth than London and Britain when the sun’s out.

“My God it’s so busy down there! It’s madness!”

Sir Rod added: “Yes, my two boys, 17 and 12, are going to school here.”

Reports previously claimed Rod was leaving Los Angeles as he had grown tired of watching the “toxic” culture thrive in the bustling city.

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